Re: AR Drone 2.0 Firmware

Thanks Island Bob. I will definatley try your suggestions on the AR Pro 2 and firmware pack. Freeflight would not take it back to correct firmware. I will let you know if this works. Much appreciated sir.



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Re: AR Drone 2.0 Firmware

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It's a long shot, but if you still have wifi and FreeFlight is installed on your phone, the "Update" function may still work and bring you back to the current A.R. firmware... 


Edit: Taking it a step further (if you have an android device), load the app AR.Pro 2 for AR.Drones, and the app AR Pro Firmware Pack V2. The firmware pack downloads the current .plf into your device's memory. Browse the phone's memory and find it, and you'll have the original .plf firmware. Good luck with it!


AR Drone 2.0 Firmware

Afternoon all and Happy Holidays. Im a newbie here that bought a used AR Parrot Elite and used AR Drone Flight Pro as an interface with a PS3 to fly my drone. I incorrectly thought I should upgrade the firmware using the AR Drone Flight Pro software recommendations via telnet to drone and viola it worked. Except that the firmware is for the Bebop.  Now the camera doesnt stream or record and the drone is acting nutty. Would anyone know where to get the latest official AR Drone 2.0 fimeware so I can take it back to factory version? I believe since I can see it when telnet in to drone there must be a way to save the firmware and PLF file for uploading back to the bird. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

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