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Re: no telnet/tcp/node connection to ar-drone

Hey, I solved the problem (I had ip conflict between the office network and the dorne's) - thanks anyway.

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no telnet/tcp/node connection to ar-drone



I used to connect to my ar-drone 2 using my laptop with telnet, ftp, ffmpeg and node - but out of the blue they all fail now. I'm still able to connect to the drone using my phone (both through ar-freeflight and through telnet). 


When connecting to my laptop I'm able to obtain ip, and I can see on wireshark that the drone keep sending udp packets to me on port 14550 (if it helps identifay the problem).


I did factory reset (pressing a pin under the battery), and made sure I have latest version. I also read that thread- but didn't understand what was the solution



ar.drone - 2.2

inertial - 2.3

Ar.freeflight - 2.4.15



Thanks alot for your help!