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Re: Drone gives low battery warning seconds in, despite cells seeming ok

My friend, I have the same problem, you can solve?



Re: Drone gives low battery warning seconds in, despite cells seeming ok

asme issue on my mini roller.  Battery has life, phone says it died right upon take off so it lands.  Definitely an error in the app on the phone, or the communication between the drone and phone cause the battery is full as the battery gets.  



Re: Drone gives low battery warning seconds in, despite cells seeming ok

Hi im having the same issue with my bebop 2 battery this seems to have happened after i updated the drone to the latest firmware and freeflight pro, I never had any issuies before this.

Basically i connect the battery onto the quad  it shows full 100% but before i even arm the drone you can see the battery percentage dropping, when i hit take off the drone flys for about a minute and its down to 20%, the battery is not warm, i then remove the battery and place it on charge, the red light comes on solid then within 1 minute the green light is back on telling me the battery is fully charged, i have also checked the voltage with a meter and i have a reading of 12.60 v, there must be either a software issue or firmware ?


Also i tryed a battery from my friends bebop this acts just the same, and my battery works fine in is bebop


Please help i cannot fly my bebop 2 like this 

Apple os ipad air

very latest firmware and software 




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Re: Drone gives low battery warning seconds in, despite cells seeming ok

Hi all,
LiPo Batteries have to be stored with 50 to 60% charge in order to prevent discharge during a long time without use. If the charger blinks red while charging, then a defect is detected and the battery needs to be replaced. Please, contact your retailer or Parrot Customer Service to know more about batteries warranty.

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Don't forget to search for related topics and knowledge base before posting a new topic. Please share your setup (smartdevice model + OS version + firmwares versions installed in the Parrot product). You can "Contact Us" to reach customer Service.

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Re: Drone gives low battery warning seconds in, despite cells seeming ok

Hi, just reading through some old posts on here and was interested in your battery percentage  (drop) issue? 

Did you ever have any luck finding a solution? 



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Re: Drone gives low battery warning seconds in, despite cells seeming ok

I am having the same issue as you stated above.  Did you ever get a solution?  Did buying a new battery fix your issue?


Re: Drone gives low battery warning seconds in, despite cells seeming ok

No, I meant 30 second warning and it forces landing is completely normal. Just like everyone else's drone does. It is a default behaviour. If you like to change that. You can purchase a third party drone app which called DroneControl from iTunes App Store. It can allow you to set the capacity warning thread hold manually. Which means you can even set the warning to be triggered when the capacity remains 50%, 60%..etc. But as a good practice of flying. You should always keep watching on the percentage indicator of the power battery.

I'm sorry, but I think there's a severe misunderstanding going on here. My battery goes from fully charged "100%" to discharged "0%" in moments of flight, according to the drone/phone software. My multimeter however reads extremely differently. Near-perfect charge even after the phone/drone says otherwise. The fact that it powers the wifi/camera for hours afterwards along with the random shakes shows the battery has to be fine. Something is wrong and I don't know what.

Also, I use android. What's a good third party app for the drone for me?

So there's no more confusion, I'm going to walk you through exactly what I'm experiencing.
1. I put the battery on the charger, it sits until green
2. I take the battery off the charger, the multimeter reads 4.20v per cell exact
3. I put the battery in the drone, and launch the software
4. The battery reads 100%, but begins lowering by about a percent per 10 seconds just sitting there doing nothing.
5. Pressing liftoff makes the drone fly
6. After 10~20 seconds, the battery reads 0% on the phone and it lands.
7. Taking the battery out and putting it on the multimeter reads near perfect numbers
8. It refuses to charge for more than 5 minutes, despite the instructions stating a 1.5 hour charge time.
9. The battery continues to supply power to the drone's LEDs, Wifi, and camera for hours when put back in the drone, despite giving a 0% battery warning the entire time.

I've purchased 3rd party replacement battery from amazon, because at the rate I'm getting answers I might as well have just spent the money to find out myself. I'll probably receive it monday, and I'll report back the results then.

Re: Drone gives low battery warning seconds in, despite cells seeming ok

Although I don't understand what you are referring to. But shaking a Li Po battery won't help of extending battery life or last longer during a flight. Smiley Sad

This isn't the first place I've posted this, and you're not the first one to say that. In my AR.Freeflight to the left of the Lift Off button there is one that says "Rescue". If I open that up I get two options called "Random Shake" and "Overbalance". Supposedly it's for getting it out of trees. Using the function overrides the automatic landing/shutdown the drone does on low battery. Using the function obviously drains power, and I did it several DOZEN times while the drone said the battery is at 0%

The overarching point here is that I have no idea if it's the batteries that are bad, the board of the drone, or the phone software, or something else entirely. I have no idea how to find out without blowing more money than I want to. The cells seem fine on a multimeter, and they obviously still have power if I can use the rescue maneuver dozens of times. What's going on?

Here's a video of "random shake". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IeqWl2zche8

Drone gives low battery warning seconds in, despite cells seeming ok

I purchased a used Parrot through a friend with a ton of spare parts. I'm not entirely sure its exact age, but I did have to swap a damaged rotor and motor so far to get it working. Now that it's flyable however, I've found a new issue.

My phone gives me low battery warnings basically instantly, < 30 seconds of flight and it drops. I received a second battery, and that produced the same results.

While it takes 30 seconds to "discharge", it sits on the charger for a mere 5 before the light turns green. I figured the batteries were just that worn out and was about to fire the gun on a nice new 2500mAh set of LiPos, but decided to check it with my multimeter and even "discharged" according to the phone they read extremely well, perfect while charged (4.20v). This worries me.

After more testing, even while sitting here typing I keep using the rescue maneuver "random shake" while it sits on my bed behind me. Mind you, it's been at 0% since I set it there. close to an hour and several dozen shakes later and it still sounds, and feels thanks to the wind it's making, fine power-wise. I tossed it back on the multimeter and it was at about half power.

I do not want to invest so much money I might as well have bought new, and if I have to start replacing more than batteries I will. He has already offered to buy it back if I can't figure it out, and that's pretty much the plan at the moment.

Does anybody have a clue what's wrong? I can provide more information on request. I posted this in the hardware section, but I'm entirely not sure if it's hardware (batteries, mainboard) or software. I'm very inexperienced in general with this stuff so whatever help you can give for troubleshooting would be appreciated.

AR.FreeFlight 2.4.10
AR.Drone hardware 2.1 software 2.4.8
Inertial hardware 2.3 software 5.34