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Re: Thank you Parrot!

Well it all depends on what you want. Let me try and explain my point of fiew a little petter:

If you are an experienced hobbist and you're looking for a model multirotor drone you're going to be very dissapointed with the minidones (never mind the bigger parrot products that are  autonomous flight oriented). The parrot products are not compatible with any model remote controll system that I know of and the flight experience with the smartphone app is pretty unsatisfactory and suffers from a lag that goes from irritating at it's best and can become randomely dangerous at it's worst. I don't have a fly pad yet but to my understanding it's not going to resolve the lag issues.


On the other hand if you're looking for a toy wich will be easy and fun to use, reasonable crash resistant, estetically pleasing and have self level capabilities (sutable for kids and unexperienced pilots) you might be pretty satisfied with the parrot minidrones.

The kids will love to see the minidrone execute the routines that can be put together with tybker.

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Re: Thank you Parrot!

No thanks! I won't buy anything else from Parrot after the last update killed my drone!


Thank you Parrot!

I want to thanks all the Parrot agents and Parrot for the time that they spend to help me get my drone back! They send me a new drone today! Thank you! If you want to buy a drone buy it from Parrot because it's the best company!!!!