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Re: Can't get this thing working

Seems I'm having a similar issue.

After the update I'm left with two flashing green lights and I can't connect to the drone using FreeFlight Mini.


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I can confirm that Bluetooth update via the app usually fails the phone stops the bluetooth transmission if there is no activity on the touchscreen. I solved this by simply putting a finger on the touch screen of my iPhone while the update was happening. Its a 30 minute update, so I grapped a smartphone screen stylus and rested the stylus tip on the screen so I didn't need to sit there for 30 mins myself. You can try a pair of gloves with touchscreen fingertips as well. The key is not to let the screen sleep, make the app think that you are constantly touching the screen until the update fully completes.


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Just got my maclane minidrone, and Parrot's instructions for the upgrade process really aren't very detailed. Or helpful when you are eager to get going. When I took a deep breath and relaxed, however, everything was fairly intuitive. 


Here's a more detailed step-by-step version of the USB upgrade specifically for Mac/iOS users that might help newbies (ie. the directions I wish I'd had.)


1. Download the latest firmware (.plf) file from the Parrot website using your Mac browser of choice (mine was Safari).

2. Plug in your drone to your Mac's USB port. Make sure the drone's power is on, or turn on the power with the power button. The LEDs will flash orange as it boots, when it is solid green you should see a drive mounted on your finder desktop.

3. Drag the firmware file onto/into the mounted drive. It should be in the "root", not the subfolder with your drone's name.

4. Unmount the mounted drive (drag it to your trash or cmd-E to eject). The LEDs should be solid green when this is done. 

5. Unplug the USB drive and cycle the power button off, then on again. The upgrade process should start automatically once the minidrone starts to power up.

6. The minidrone LEDs should cycle through a variety of colours and speeds/motions (including red and orange for me) while it updates. This took about a minute and a half but your YMMV slightly.

7. When the LEDs are solid green, you should be ready to go.

7b. Check the Freeflight Mini app. If the app remains stuck on the prompt to upgrade, click-slide-quit the app closed and run it again.


You're welcome. Love this thing and I've only had it an hour and a half.


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Re: Can't get this thing working


FreeFlight 3 can detect that the firmware version of your MiniDrone is outdated, and will oblige you to update to have the latest features or corrections (see release notes) to improve reliability of control.

note.pngTo find the version number installed on your MiniDrone, use the FreeFlight3 application. Press Free Ride, then icone_settings.pngThe version number is given in the general information.

FF3_Airborne_FreeFlightVersions.pngSoftware versions

Here, the latest firmware version is 2.1.7 .

If it is already installed on you Minidrone Airborne then try to reset the Minidrone by pressing the On/OFF button for 10 seconds.

There is 2 methods to update

  1. Install the battery in the MiniDrone and wait until the lights turn green.
  2. Connect the MiniDrone to your computer using a USB/micro-USB cable.
    > Wait until the left-hand light is a steady green.
  3. Download the update file available in the box "Downloads" available in the Airborne homepage. Do not rename the downloaded file.

    WIDGET_downloads.pngDownload software update

    Drag and drop the update file into the MiniDrone as though it were a USB Flash drive. The update file must be placed at the root of the MiniDrone and not in a folder.


  4. > The lights flash while the update file is being transferred. 
    > Once the transfer is complete the right-hand light remains orange.
  5. Safely remove and disconnect the MiniDrone from your computer.
    > The update is installed. The lights alternately flash orange with increasing rapidity. Do not remove the battery from the MiniDrone while the update installation is in progress.
  6. Wait until the lights turn green.



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Re: Can't get this thing working

Did I forget something

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Re: Can't get this thing working

See the upgrade threads on this forum for this drone.  You must have full batteries on your iOS device and the drone to accomplish this upg.  Also, you must copy the download into the correct root drive for the drone, and not into a folder in that drive.  When you see 2 green lights you have been successful.  You also must reboot your drone after the update to finish the process.  It's updating when you get fast alternating orange flashing LEDs.  If it is alternating orange slowly or has a solid orange single LED on, the update has failed - Start over. 


The bluetooth download also works but is very slow at over 2 hours.  You must have everything pre-charged to accomplish this or plugged in while doing this option.  You must reboot the drone afterwards also, again, or it will not complete the process.


If you do the properly, you will get 2 green solid lights on, meaning it was successful.  No green lights?  Start over.  Trust me, it does work, you just need patience, and to get the file into the correct drive, and remember to reboot, all with fully charged battery(s).


Good luck.


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Re: Can't get this thing working

I am having the exact same problem!!!!

Re: Can't get this thing working

I'm experiencing the same problem, most fun I've had was unwrapping the ***** thing!!! Ugh, BestBuy tomorrow for a full refund!


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Same here...  Hello Parrot?  Anybody care?  I see a lot of returns in your future... don't cash in just yet!


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Same here.  Only fun I've had all day is reading all the negative feedback these crooks are getting on this POS product.