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Re: How do I keep the pictures that I take?

Hi @jdten77,

You can download all the photos taken with your Minidrone.

There is 2 ways to copy pictures from the Airborne : with USB (the faster ways) or with FreeFlight 3.

With FreeFlight 3

  1. Connect your device to the MiniDrone
  2. Click on Menu the 3 bars icon on top-left of the homescreen, then select Internal Memory


Then you can select the image you want to transfer and click transfer.

After copying the pictures into your device's memory, FreeFlight 3 will ask you if you want to keep the image inside the internal memory or erase it .

Then you can access to the pictures in Gallery on your device and with freeFlight 3.

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How do I keep the pictures that I take?

I just got the swat airborne drone and have taken it for a few flights.  I take multiple pictues during each one but after the flight it asks me if I want to transfer the latest photo that I took and that is the only photo that it lets me keep.  If I take 20 pictures during the flight why am I not able to keep or even see all 20 of them after the flight?