Re: How much weight can the drones carry?

I've had the similar Mambo flying with an 12g mini DV camera,  though it was fairly sluggish. 

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Re: How much weight can the drones carry?

A Minidrone Cargo can lift a few grams like toy bricks. None MiniDrones Airborne or Bebop are designed to lift heavy weights.

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Re: How much weight can the drones carry?

I tryed one kilogram and its lifted but fly time is signifikand less.

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How much weight can the drones carry?

In December, we are planning a TechFEST in Toronto, and are inviting some of the new startups who have gained popularity in the world of technology. We are planning everything to be kinda techie and for this we have a plan of promoting the fest in a different way. We are already in discussion with Club Ink www.clubink.ca (Toronto) to have our banners and wall decals for the fest, but we are in our minds to have a aerial display of the fest, basically, in-and-around the venue.
We will have 10 feet long textile banners printed and planning to fly it around the venue with drones. Also, couple of drones which will be dropping freebies for the visitors to the fest.
We are looking for drones which are capable of handling the weight, which includes a Go-pro as well, on the drones, and would like to know the limit a Parrot can handle.