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Re: [Update] Firmware version 2.6.8 for Airborne Night


I'm glad, I could help. Have a nice flight!



Anyway I cannot understand why Parrot do not fix this. My Airborne Night had had an unfortunate crash, seems it's motherboard damaged. I looked around, and I found a very advantageous discount: I have acquired a brand new Cargo one (it was almost in the same price as a new motherboard from Parrot Smiley Happy). Now I have two batteries, and I can use the Airborne as a spare kit for the Cargo (same motors/propellers/frame). Fortunatelly so far it was not necessary Smiley Happy. I have to admit these are good drones, if they have the appropiate firmware on them: so Parrot can do good drones, if they want... That's why I cannot understand this firmware fiasco.


From the new firmware, I only miss the direct connection with the Flypad.


Re: [Update] Firmware version 2.6.8 for Airborne Night

olliman wrote:

Hi @agemo and others,


I had the same problem, but slightly worse: I had two red eyes and it was impossible to pair on Bluetooth and to copy files to the drone's mass-storage. I got a confusing message about not being able to read source file or disk. (Sorry I do not have the exact message).


However, I could still follow your guide to get into the console. I did hours of looking around the different mounts, files, folders and such. Until i looked in etc/inetd.conf and found this:

[Delos] $ cat etc/inetd.conf
21 stream tcp nowait root ftpd ftpd -w /data/video
5551 stream tcp nowait root ftpd ftpd -w /update
80 stream tcp nowait root busybox httpd -h /www -i

[1]+  Done                       /bin/post.sh

Therefore, after I changed version.txt after your instructions, I connected to with Filezilla and uploaded the official 2.1.70 AirboneNight.plf. As soon as it was done dowloading, it automatically started updating.


Being a bit nervous about this undocumented self-invented method, I crossed my fingers. It worked! Back at 2.1.70 and working as good as before.


Thanks for your work, and feel free to include this new information in your guide.




If you can tell me where to find 2.1.70 i have the same problem

and i would like to try a downgrade

Thank you


Re: [Update] Firmware version 2.6.8 for Airborne Night

@agemo, This would be the third time I've tried to thank you for your assistance, but apparently that isnt allowed as my posts keep getting removed. The guide you provided works flawlessly. I was able to rescue my AirBorneNight (Blaze). Thank you very much.


For anyone else about to toss their AirBorne Night mini drone, if you have a Windows computer (or VM) and a little ingenuity, you can rescue yours as well. There is a link to a site in this very thread, I'd provide it but then this post would get removed again.


I haven't used or posted on a forum in over 10 years... it looks like there are rules against helping others now, unless your help is so vague of course that no one can understand it.


Re: [Update] Firmware version 2.6.8 for Airborne Night

This is the worst time i have had with any drone.

I have tried to update it over pc about 4 times now and keep getting the orange left eye and it locks up.

I cant believe that you cant fly these without the update!!!!!!

And yes i have followed the instructions.

I have not been able to use this thing properly since i got it.

It seems 80% of people are frustrated and are having problems with them.

Going to throw it in the bin!!!!!

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Re: [Update] Firmware version 2.6.8 for Airborne Night

Just updated from 2.1.7 to 2.6.8. Immediately noticed the unstable flight and searched here to find the issue is the update....disaster. Havent a clue about Linux, guess I'll have to wait for a fix - have emailed parrot - hope there response is different to what I've read below....


Re: [Update] Firmware version 2.6.8 for Airborne Night

Exelent it worked for me, my Drone is now working again !


Re: [Update] Firmware version 2.6.8 for Airborne Night

Over 3 months and still no update on these or the airborne  drones... Parrot really have given up on consumer drones and customers.. . It's disgusting customer service and a stab in the back to their loyal customers.

I used to have so much faith in parrot I have one of every drone with the exceptions of the parrot disco and bebop 2...

I have put a lot of money in to parrot and a lot of time and I now feel I should have gone with DJI, well I have learned my lesson NOW!...



Re: [Update] Firmware version 2.6.8 for Airborne Night

*Seriously parrot this is ridiculous*


You are still selling these drones knowing that as soon as switched on they will be updated and then spin out of control then crash.. as no reply or fixes have been offered or posted it seems this is purposefully kept going to force sales of newer products...  the previous firmware was great, yet you refuse to roll it back so these remain unusable to anybody who has one, or buys one


No one has received a replacement even though any damage caused by this update is PARROTS fault!


Please do something for your customers before we all lose complete faith in you and your "customer service"


Why we are treated this way is beyond me... all we do is come back again and again to buy your products only to end up over a barrel begging you to correct your own mistakes



Re: [Update] Firmware version 2.6.8 for Airborne Night

Now it has been over two months!  I am beginning to loose faith in Parrot.  I hope they are working on at least, the very least, a solution or rollback of some sort.  I do like the rest of their products but have yet to even fly this Drone properly since I purchased it!  Still flys out of control and descends wildly.  Please Parrot tell us or give us some type of update.


Re: [Update] Firmware version 2.6.8 for Airborne Night

Still no update or rollback to a working build, Why will parrot not listen to us...

.Why are we just completely ignored

.Why did they release this obviously untested update

.Why have we not been compensated for damage caused as a direct result of this update.

.Why are these questions never answered