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Re: Airborne Night Swat Malfunction

We recommend to reset the MiniDrone by pressing the power button during 10 seconds.
If the situation is not solved, then contact your retailer or Parrot Customer Service to know more about your warranty conditions and warranty claim process. Thank you.

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Don't forget to search for related topics and knowledge base before posting a new topic. Please share your setup (smartdevice model + OS version + firmwares versions installed in the Parrot product). You can "Contact Us" to reach customer Service.

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Airborne Night Swat Malfunction

I recently purchased the Airborne Night Swat Minidrone (a week ago)  and this morning after two short flights one of the motors on the drone will not shut off even after the drone is powered off.  I have removed and reinstalled the battery and the one motor will resume running.  I let the battery die completely then connected it to the charger and motor will start to turn.  


Re: propellor stuck in permanent spin mode

What do you mean by press on/off button during the 10 seconds?

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Re: propellor stuck in permanent spin mode

Hi @annbocc,
There is a way to reset the Minidrone, press the ON/OFF button during 10 seconds.
If the effect don't disappear you may need to contact your retailler to apply the warranty. If you bought on Parrot Store, you can contact the Technical Support from here.
Don't forget to mention the model of smartphone you are using, the OS it is operating, the serial number of the drone and the firmware version installed on it.

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propellor stuck in permanent spin mode

The left back propellor is stuck in permanent spin mode while the others don't budge. Everytime we install the battery, the spinning of the one propellor goes and goes...Any ideas? My thought is to reset, but there doesn't appear to be a way to reset this night drone (maclane)