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Re: things going crazy

Hi all,
In that case there is 3 things to check : Software, mecanic & settings

  • Is the App and firmware installed with the latest version available ?
  • Are propellers damaged, exchanged (watch clockwise/counter-clockwise mounting) or a motor blocked ?
  • Are settings checked before flight (Cut out, Flat trim, rotation speed etc) ?

These 3 aspects will help to solve most of the issues.

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Re: things going crazy

I had the exact same problem. Last night- stable flight- a joy to fly. Today after update, upon takeoff, it shoots off sideways and spins.

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Re: things going crazy

Did you properly align the props after removing them. I had the same problem but after viewing the proper alignment of each prop for each position on the drone, they must be aligned properly. After I reversed the positions of two of them. Two are oriented in one position and the other two are oriented in the oposite position. See an on line picture of this and check. My problem was corrected. Now the drone works properly.

Re: things going crazy

i took off the props made sure no hair was in the shafts, restarted my phone, tryed to re do the update but it says its up to date.

things going crazy

Did the software update and now it wont work right.   now this thing wants to roll right at take off,  I dont know whats wrong with it. I worked perfectly up untill i did the software update. If anyone has any Ideas on whats wrong I would appreciate any input