Auto follow enables the drone to track and follow a subject as the subject moves.


*Note: the auto follow feature uses the GPS on your smartphone for tracking, therefore, will not work with tablets.


  1. Turn on auto follow mode
  2. Screen interface
  3. Lock/Unlock drone orientation
  4. Pre-programmed acrobatics
  5. Exit auto follow mode
  6. Key elements


Turn on auto follow mode


1. Go to Fly & Film

*Note: if you choose the FOLLOW ME GPS & VISUAL TRACKING button, skip ahead to step 4.



2. Tap tkoff.png



 3. Tap follow.png


 4. Tap autofolow.png



 5. Tap GOT IT!


6. Drag the blue frame over the subject, use corner handles to resize frame so it fits the subject. Make sure the frame is as close as possible to the subject. Tap GO.

>When the frame turns green, the drone is locked onto the subject.



*Note: a dotted frame indicates auto follow is having trouble detecting the subject. 



Screen interface




  1. Go to FreeFlight Pro piloting screen
  2. Pre-programmed flight modes
  3. Take a picture
  4. Controls to fly the drone during auto follow mode
  5. Orientation of the drone relative to its subject
  6. Lock the orientation of the drone towards its subject 
  7. Stop auto follow and return to manual control
  8. Subject to follow*Note: the green frame around the subject means that auto follow is valid.
  9. Lock screen during auto follow. Use this function when you put the smartphone in your pocket during auto follow.

**Note: tapping  piloting.png  disables auto follow.



Lock/Unlock drone orientation

You can lock or unlock the drone's orientation in auto follow by tapping lock (2).png or unlock (2).png 


Auto follow by default - unlocking the drone's orientation enables the drone to follow the subject without changing course.
Perfect Side – locking the drone's orientation towards a subject enables the drone to stay on a course relative to the subject and follow the subject as it moves.


Magic Dronies


Parrot Bebop 2 has four pre-programmed acrobatics in AUTO FOLLOW mode, to access them, tap acro.png.




The pre-programmed acrobatics screen opens to 4 acrobatics: Orbit, Boomerang, Parabola, Zenith. To activate a one of them, tap on its corresponding icon. 



Orbit - The drone circles the subject in one full revolution (360°).



Boomerang - The drone backs away from the subject, and then moves forward towards the subject.


Parabola - The drone flies over the subject in a parabolic trajectory.


Zenith - The drone moves towards the subject, ascends, and comes back down.


To turn off pre-programmed flight modes, tap FltModeoff.png .




Exit Auto Follow


There are multiple ways to exit auto follow:


  • Tap stop2.png. The auto follow mode stops and the drone returns to manual control.
  •  Tap  piloting.png  . The auto follow mode stops and the drone returns to manual control.


Key elements


Tilt the camera


1. Tap piloting.png to go to main piloting screen.

2. Tap Setting  icone_settings.png  > Piloting > ACE to switch piloting mode.



3. Tap   icone_back.png  to return to main piloting screen.

4. Slide roadplan_icon_video.png to adjust camera angle.


Maintain proper distance between the drone and the target


For AUTO FOLLOW, the maximum effective range for the camera to lock onto a subject is 30 ft./10 m.



Pan the camera


To pan the camera in auto follow, slide 2 fingers up or down on the screen. 


*Note: you can only pan the camera vertically.



Unlock/Lock the screen


By default the control screen in AUTO FOLLOW is unlocked. To lock, slide lock.png to the right.



Drone control features are hidden when the screen is locked. Locking the screen allows you to store the phone in your pocket during auto follow. You cannot control the drone's movement in LOCK SCREEN mode.



To unlock screen, slide  unlock.png  to the left.


To stop auto follow when in locked screen, slide the STOP FOLLOW button to the right. The auto follow mode stops and the drone returns to manual control.



Frame color indications


Blue: there is no auto follow in progress. Select a subject to track.


Green: the subject is selected and validated. The drone can use visual tracking to follow the subject.


Dotted green: auto follow is having trouble detecting the subject. The drone keeps on following the subject by following the smartphone's GPS signal. 


Red: the drone lost visual tracking of the subject. The drone keeps on following the subject by following the smartphone's GPS signal.





  • Vision - Parrot Bebop 2 aims the subject via its camera, the processing/recognition is made by the smartphone.
  • GPS - Follow Me GPS & Visual Tracking uses the GPS on your smartphone for tracking.




  • Bebop 2 firmware 4.0.0
  • FreeFlight Pro 4.1.14