Flight Plan is Parrot’s proprietary software designed to unlock and maximize all of Bebop 2’s capabilities. With Flight Plan, you can set the Bebop 2 to fly autonomously, create waypoints, and record videos with unparalleled clarity and stability.  You'll fly even better and safer with Flight Plan.





Flight Plan is available for iOS® and Android™ devices as a FreeFlight 3 in-app purchase in the App StoreSM or Google Play™.


Flight Plan is compatible with:


  • Parrot Bebop Drone with firmware version 2.0.57 and above
  • Bebop 2
  • FreeFlight 3 app from iOS: 3.7.11, Android 3.7.12 and above.


Before You Fly


Follow the steps outlined below to download and install Flight Plan prior to flying your drone.

*Note: your smart device must be connected to the drone in order to download Flight Plan.


Connect your drone


Using a smartphone

  1. Switch the Bebop 2 on.
  2. On your smartphone, search for available Wi-Fi® networks:
  • If you are using an iPhone or an iPad, select Settings > Wi-Fi.
  • If you are using an Android™ smartphone, select Settings > Wireless and networks > Wi-Fi.
  1. Select the network:
  2. Wait for your smartphone to connect to the Wi-Fi network of the Bebop 2. The connection is represented by the Wi-Fi logo appearing on the smartphone screen.
  3. Launch the FreeFlight 3 application.  The connection between your smartphone and the Bebop 2 is established automatically.

Using a tablet

Follow the steps outlined in “Using a smartphone” to connect the Bebop 2 to your tablet.


Download/Install FlightPlan

Launch FreeFlight 3 and select Flight Plan, follow the onscreen instruction to download and install.



Creating Your Flight


This section will teach you how to plan routes, set waypoints and Points of Interests (POI) using Flight Plan.


*Note: If the total duration of your flight exceeds the battery life of your drone, the drone will land before the flight is completed.


**Note: The battery life of the Parrot Bebop Drone lasts approximately 11 minutes, and the battery life of the Bebop 2 lasts approximately 25 minutes.


Launching Flight Plan

Before launching Flight Plan, make sure your smart devices are connected to the Internet with GPS turned on.


  1. On your smartphone or tablet, launch FreeFlight 3, the HOME page appears.



 *Note: you can also launch Flight Plan from the main menu by pressing   00menu.png > Flight plan.


  1. On the home page, press Flight Plan; at the prompt, select your drone.


02product choice.jpg


**Note: you will only be prompted to choose your drone when composing a new flight plan.


After selecting you drone, a satellite view of your area opens.




Pinch the screen with two fingers to zoom in or out, slide your fingers across the screen to move the image.


To see the satellite view in 3D, slide two fingers upward.


When in 3D mode, the interface controls disappear. To display the controls again, slide two fingers downward to return to the satellite view.


 *Note: You need an Internet connection to display the satellite view. If you want to fly in an area without Internet connection, create and save your flight plan beforehand.



**Note: Make sure your flight route is located in an unobstructed area.


The satellite view is the default map view, to change map modes:


  • Tap 05sat.pngonce for “Hybrid” mode -The icon changes to 06sat.png(satellite); satellite view is overlaid with map indications.




  • Tap 05sat.png once for “Map” mode -The icon changes to  08map.png (map); map view opens.




  • Tap  08map.png once to return to satellite view.


Main Screen



  1. Back to previous screen
  2. Lock & Unlock Flight Plan
  3. Add Actions
  4. Center on you position
  5. Change map mode. Three map modes are available:
  • Satellite   05sat.png
  • Hybrid    06sat.png
  • Map            08map.png
  1. Open saved flight plans
  2. Change the altitude
  3. Start the current flight plan
  4. Change the speed of the drone
  5. Undo last action


Plan a route


Insert waypoints


Waypoints help you create a precise, autonomous flight plan using Bebop 2’s GPS feature.  

*Note: Before launching Flight Plan, make sure your smart devices are connected to the Internet, and turn on GPS.


To insert waypoints:


  1. Tap on the map to create a waypoint, the first waypoint appears. Waypoint bubbles are solid green when first created.




  1. Tap on the map again to create another waypoint; a line connecting the two waypoints appears. To undo last action, tap  37returnsmall.png




 Continue to make waypoints until you are satisfied with the route. 


The number at the center of the waypoint bubble indicates the altitude at which your Bebop 2 will fly.




The upper right-hand number indicates the order in which the waypoints were made: #1 is the first waypoint, #2 is the second way point, and so on.



The triangle indicates the direction the drone will be flying.



The number over the connecting line indicates the distance between two waypoints.




 *Note: To optimize video feedback, leave at least 15 feet between two waypoints.


Close waypoints

To turn the waypoints into a closed loop after you make the last waypoint:


  1. Press and hold on an empty spot (away from the last waypoint) until the blue dialogue box opens.




  1. Tap “CLOSE” to close the waypoint loop.




 To move a waypoint: drag a waypoint bubble across the screen with your finger.



Editing Waypoints


After you have created your route, you can go back and change various parameters of each waypoint.


Change altitude

There are two ways to change the altitude of your Bebop 2:


Using the vertical slider

  1. Tap a waypoint; the bubble turns solid green, and the vertical slider becomes active.






  1. Slide the button up or down to adjust the drone's altitude.

*Note: the maximum altitude is limited to 492 feet.


Using the keypad

  1. Press and hold a waypoint until a blue dialogue box opens.




  1. Tap “EDIT”. The “WAYPOINT” dialogue screen opens.




  1. Use the keypad to enter a new altitude and tap OK.


Insert a waypoint on a line

  1. Press and hold at a spot on a line where you want to insert a waypoint. The blue dialogue box opens (notice the arrow indicating the point of insertion).




  1. Tap “INSERT” to place the waypoint.




Delete a waypoint

Press and hold a waypoint until the blue dialogue box opens.  Tap “DELETE”.




Change the speed of the drone between waypoints

You can set the speed of the drone between two waypoints, and it will maintain this speed until the next waypoint.  The minimum speed is 1 meters per second (m/s). The maximum speed is 10 in meters per second (m/s).

*Note: for best video feedback, set a lower speed.


There are two ways to change the speed of your Bebop 2:


Using the horizontal slider

  1. Tap anywhere on a line between two waypoints, the speed of the drone appears, and the horizontal slide becomes active.








  1. Slide the button left or right to adjust the drone’s speed.


Using the keypad

  1. Press and hold a waypoint, a blue dialogue box opens and the horizontal slider becomes active.




  1. Tap “EDIT”. The “LINE” dialogue screen opens.




  1. Use the keypad to enter a new speed and tap OK.


Change the direction the camera is facing

By default, the drone's camera faces the direction of travel. To change camera direction, turn the tip of the waypoint arrow towards the direction you want the camera to face.





When the drone reaches the waypoint it will turn to this direction and maintain it until the next waypoint.



Executing a flight plan

To carry out a flight plan that you just made, tap the play button at the lower-right corner of the screen.





Saving a flight plan

To save a new flight plan:

  1. Tap 36foldericon.png



  1. Tap Save as on the Saved flight plans screen.




  1. Use the keypad to enter a name for your flight plan and tap Save.




  1. The new flight plan is shown on the Saved flight plans screen.




Tap 36foldericon.png > Save to save any modification to an existing flight plan.

*Note: before executing a modified flight plan, save it over the existing version to ensure the modifications are kept.



Open a saved flight plan

  1. Launch Flight Plan.
  2. Tap 36foldericon.png
  3. At the Saved flight plans screen, tap the flight plan you want to open.
  4. Tap Open


Deleting a flight plan

To delete a flight plan:

  1. Tap  36foldericon.png
  2. Select the flight plan you want to delete. The selected file turns blue.




  1. Tap Delete. When the dialogue box opens, select OK to confirm, or Cancel to return to the previous page.




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