Follow Me GPS & Visual Tracking




*Note: Follow Me GPS & Visual Tracking is compatible with the Parrot Bebop 2.


Follow Me GPS & Visual Tracking provides automatic tracking and cropping, your smartphone must have a barometer to make optimal use of both auto-cropping and auto-tracking modes. Before using the application, make sure your smartphone's GPS is functioning correctly.


Follow Me GPS & Visual Tracking is available for purchase directly in the FreeFlight Pro application.

You can test Follow Me GPS & Visual Tracking for free for 15 days before buying.



Before using the automatic tracking feature, make sure that you are in an area with enough open space (approx. 100 ft. all around) and no overhead obstructions such as power lines.

Warning: if you plan on using two different smartphones with different OS, you will need to purchase two copies of the application in order for the app. to work on each phone.


The automatic tracking and framing function through a  visual recognition algorithm on the smartphone and require a lot of resources. It is therefore possible that certain features are not fully functional on some less powerful smartphones.


Follow Me GPS & Visual Tracking offers two features:


Auto Follow: this enables the drone to track and follow a subject as the subject moves.

Auto Framing: this enables the drone to track a subject while maintaining a stationary hover.