Keep in mind before use

  1. Always fly your drone in authorized areas
  2. Keep the Bebop 2 and FreeFlight 3 up to date.
  3. For a better range, use the Parrot Skycontroller (range can vary due to your environment and local regulations)
  4. Outdoor temperatures recommanded from 10 to 40°Celsius (50°F to 104°F)
  5. 20 to 25 minutes flight time with the battery 2700mah included (flight time can vary due to speed settings and wind)
Always keep FreeFlight 3 & the Bebop 2 up to date, you can update from the app.
  1. Check firmware version of the Bebop Skycontroller
  2. Check your drone before flying (fixations and propellers)

Quick checklist before taking off.


  • Check propellers of the Bebop 2 (orientation, shape)
  • Check motors (keep it clean from dust and remove things that would disturb propellers' rotation)
  • Check that the lens is clean
  • Check the charge of the battery

Other tips

It is important to update your Bebop 2 when your battery is properly charged (minimum 60% of charge).

It is highly recommended to charge the battery before stocking the drone for a long period of time.