Version 4.7.1

  • New magnetometer calibration algorithm
  • Geo-gence max distance limit is now applicable during follow-me animations
  • Return To Home is not anymore cancelable by piloting command (only way to cancel RTH in-progress is to press again RTH button)
  • Return To Home is not anymore initiated if a Wifi disconnection occurs during landing phase
  • A down command maintained for 1 second low to the ground in hovering state will initiate a landing
  • Minor bug fixes (follow-me and thrown take-off)


Version 4.4.2

- Flight Stability Improvements


Version 4.4.0



-[Auto-Landing] Add some extra margin for Auto-landing in case of critical battery alert

-[RTH] Return To Home can now be activated during landing state

-[Animations] Horizontal speed decreased during "reveal" animation


Fixed issues

- Bug related to MoveTo max altitude parameters



Version 4.3.1

  • [Fix] Landing cancellation is now possible event after a thrown take off
  • [Fix] Random move when starting a POI animation
  • [Improvement] Low battery alert management when drone is flying at low altitude
  • [Improvement] Animation fluidity during POI and follow me

Version 4.3.0

  • Add support for Bebop 2 Power new features

    - Cameraman

    - Touch&Fly

    - Magic dronies

    - Hand launch

    - Autoshots

Version 4.2.1

  •      [Fix] Bug improper drone calibration after update
  •      [Fix] slow calibration was not functional
  •      Enhance camera tilt movement – smoother (v4.2.0)

Version 4.0.6

·      [Fix] Bug in battery level estimator level that could affect autonomy.

·       [Fix] Random bug leading to no display of GPS version in the app.

·       Minor Bug fixes

·       Minor Bug fixes


Version 4.0.5

·       Minor flight improvements

·       Correction of wrong drone behavior when battery switches to critical state during take-off

·       Fixes rare take-off failures of successive take-offs at different altitudes


Version 4.0.4

·       Minor bug fixes

Version 4.0.3

·       Addition of Follow Me GPS & Visual tracking mode for Android

·       Minor bug fixes


Version 4.0.1

Reasons for new version

·       Landing issues fix

·       Minor Bug fix


Version 4.0.0

·       New Feature: Follow Me GPS & Visual tracking

·       Minor Bug fixes


Version 3.9.0

Reasons for new version

·         FPV 720 with Skycontroller 2 and FreeFlight Pro

·         Downgrade allowed to version 3.3.0 for users with android version lower than 4.2

·         Video mode default is now "priority on recording"

·         Video auto cut feature to limit file size to 4 GB


Version 3.3.0

EVP (Enhanced Video Processing) is a new firmware update for Parrot Bebop Drones range. The actual video processing has been optimized from the ground up to bring precise improvements to exposure measurements, noise reduction and image compression.
This update also unveils new video settings to easily edit videos and enhance the quality of your shots.

Reasons for new version

·         Setting to set the max angular rate

·         Setting to set the bitrate of the recorded video

·         Setting to deactivate the roll image stabilization

·         Improvement of the camera auto exposure

·         Improvements on FlightPlan


Version 3.2.0


New feature: Secure Link, WPA available between the bebop and FreeFlight 3

New feature: Banked turn (option available on FreeFlight 3) for more sporty turns with the Bebop

Improved Flight Plan capabilities:

- New feature: POI - Point of interest
- New feature: Progressive course between two waypoints by adjusting the rotation


Fixed issues
[General] Minor bug fixes


Version 3.1.0


Improved recording duration

Improved video framing

Flight Radius Limiter: Drone will fly in a restricted radius

Improved Flight Plan Capabilities

- Drone orientation when leaving waypoint
- Flight Plan can be paused during a panorama
- Take off events in the timeline must be preceded by a landing
- Pause timer management
- Default camera tilt

Landing can now be interrupted

Fixed issues
[General] Minor bug fixes 


Version 3.0.6


Better motor management

Fixed issues
[General] Fix for some very rare crashes
[General] Minor bug fixes 


+ Version 3.0.2

Fixed issues
[Phone] Major bug fixed