The Return home feature enables you to fly the Bebop 2 back to:

  • the last take off location.

To locate your position on the map, FreeFlight 3 must have access to your smartphone location services.


For iOS devices, activate the function in Settings > FreeFlight 3 > Location service.

For Android devices, activate the function in Settings >Application manager > FreeFlight 3 > Permissions.


*Note: the Return home feature cannot be activated if your Bebop 2 is not receiving a GPS signal.



To activate Return Home:

  • On the piloting screen, tap 01RTH.png for Bebop 2 to return to its last take-off position (the 01RTH.png button turns green).  Upon arrival, Bebop 2 will hover at about 6 ft/2 m off the ground.

Once Return Home is activated, Bebop 2 will rise to an altitude of 60 feet and fly towards the last take-off position in a straight line.


Warning: Bebop 2 cannot automatically avoid any obstacle in its path during Return Home flight.  Make sure the flight path is clear and you have established line-of-sight with the drone before activating Return Home.


If the connection between your smartphone and the Bebop 2 is lost, Bebop 2 returns to its starting point automatically after a certain period of time.  You can change this time in Return Delay.



To change Return Delay:

  1. in FreeFlight 3, tap 03Menu.png    to open Settings. Swipe across the screen until you see the "RETURN TO STARTING POINT" page.




  1. At the bottom of the page, tap the number.  Use the keypad to enter a new time, and tap OK.


Map mode


Map mode lets you see the position of your Bebop 2 on a satellite map instead of the live video feedback.


Before activating the map mode:

  • Preload a map. If you fly the Bebop 2 in an area without Internet connection, or if the Internet connection is lost while flying, your Bebop 2 can still be located on the map.
  • Wait for the green  05GpsGreen.png  icon to indicate the Bebop 2 GPS position is detected.


Preloading a map


 1. Go to the main screen of FreeFlight 3.

2. Go to   03Menu.png   > Settings.

3. Tap Map preloading. The blue dot indicates your current position.



4. Tap Preload, wait until preloading completes.



Activating map mode


On the piloting screen, tap  07MapMode.png




 The  09Home.png  icon indicates your smartphone's position.

The  05GpsGreen.png  icon indicates Bebop 2's position.
To switch back to live video mode, tap  07MapMode.png  again.