In this section, we will address a few topics that might help both the novice and experienced pilots to troubleshoot their Bebop 2.



LED behavior

The power/LED button is located on the back of the drone, directly below the battery.  In addition to being the navigation beacon, the LED indicates various states of the drone.
When the LED is:




  • Steady red - Bebop 2 is in normal state
  • Sed and blinking slowly - Bebop 2 is booting up
  • Sed and blinking quickly - a motor error is detected

To locate the defective motor:


  1. In FreeFlight 3, tap Start.
  2. Tap  02Reglages.png  to open SETTINGS.
  3. Swipe left or right until you see MOTOR INFORMATIONS, where motors status is displayed.  Locate the defective motor as indicated on the screen and check whether its propeller is blocked or damaged.

03Motor Informations.png



Video and photo


Blurry Video

Try to decrease the speed by lowering the inclination angle; in addition, check the rotation angle.  The slower the drone moves, the better the video quality.

*Note: for best video quality results, reduce all piloting controls to their minimum settings.


Jello Effect

The apparent "jittery" (or jello) effect could be a hardware issue.


Mechanical / Hardware - Check propellers and motor mounts for any visible signs of damage.  With the drone's power turned off and the battery removed, spin each propeller to verify the motor shafts are rotating straight (propellers should not "wobble" as they spin).


You can purchase replacement motors and propellers at


Video streaming

There are grey lines on my smartphone/tablet


  • Check the WiFi connection on your smartphone or tablet. make sure you have selected an unpopulated band.





My smartphone doesn’t show a WiFi connection after turning on the drone.


  • It takes a few seconds for the drone to complete the booting sequence and establishes a connection.  Wait for the rear LED to stop flashing, then check the connection again.
  • Sometimes, your smartphonedrone will show that it is to the drone before FreeFlight 3 recognizes the connection, if this happens, wait a few more seconds and check the connection again.




When I take off, my Bebop 2 flips over


  • Tap Flat Trim before each take off.

My bebop 2 drifts sideways during take off


  • Make sure the take-off area has distinct ground features, in good lighting and not in a uniformed color (for example, an all-white floor); darkness and uniform surfaces can disorient the drone’s down-facing camera.

*Note: always flat trim the Parrot Bebop 2 before each flight.


My Parrot Bebop 2 keeps rising without my control

This could be an issue with either the ultrasonic sensor or the barometer.


  • If the drone keeps rising to a height about 9 ft., that means the ultrasonic sensor is not reading the ground below accurately. Try to reset MAX ALTITUDE and VERTICAL SPEED to the lowest settings and launch again.
  • If the height is over 9 ft. - the barometer is not able to correctly sense the changes in altitude.   Try to reset MAX ALTITUDE and VERTICAL SPEED to the lowest settings and launch again.
  • If the problem presists, we recommend that you reset all settings to their default values and start fresh.

My bebop 2 keeps falling from the sky


  • Check the battery level, make sure the battery is always fully charged prior to each flight.
  • Check the propellers, make sure they are securely mounted.

I can't remove my propellers


  • When using the propeller removal tool to remove the propellers, make sure not to turn the tool too far to ensure the holes are aligned with the screws.


Spare parts

You can buy spare parts for the Parrot Bebop 2 at

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