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I may have some information that may help:

Firstly, does your drone WiFi have a password? If so, disable it by pressing the WPA2 button in the network section. This will allow the drone to connect after restarting both the controller and drone.


I hope that you find this useful, as I have a genuine love for the bebop, and I hope everyone will enjoy it as much as I do!


Hope this helps,

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Re: Sky controller 2 won't connect


iphone 7, sc2  Will not communicate via USB at all.   I have literally tried every single suggestion I can find!   I have all the latest FW,  and latest FFP.

 Using iOS 11.0.3

 It has been well over a month that I cannot use my SC 2.   Is there ever going to be a fix to this issue?



Re: Sky controller 2 won't connect

Same problem. Have a new Bebop 2 that will not connect to the SC2. Is there any solution for this?

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Re: Sky controller 2 won't connect



I have the same problem. My SC2 doesn't connect to drone. I update all, but SC2still flashing red light =( 

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Re: Sky controller 2 won't connect

Hi @Parrot_Modo, What is the correct sequence when preparing to fly a BB2 and a SC2? First start BB2 and wait to boot up, start SC2 and connect phone to it via USB then start FFP and try to connect with BB2?
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Re: Sky controller 2 won't connect

I'm having a similar problem. I recently bought a new Bebop 2 but still have my SC2 that came with my first Bebop 2.  I can't get my SC2 to connect to my new Bebop 2.  Does anyone know the sequence in which I should use to get them to connect?

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Re: Sky controller 2 won't connect

Hi all,
Connect your smartphone to the Skycontroller 2 using a USB cable, then press "connect to a drone" on FreeFlight Pro (or on the last connected drone's name). The skycontroller 2 should connect to the drone automatically. @Eckmundo what version of firmware do you have for the controller and the drone ?

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Re: Sky controller 2 won't connect

Do you have the latest updates for BB2 and SC2 ?

"BB2 -iPhone 6S - Xiaomi WiFi extender- allways latest updates"
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Sky controller 2 won't connect

Sky controller 2 won't connect to bebop 2 drone. Red light just keeps flashing