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Re: camera view on phone freezing

Does this happen also when connected the BB2 direct with a phone/tablet? 

"BB2 -iPhone 6S - Xiaomi WiFi extender- allways latest updates"
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camera view on phone freezing

Dec 2. 2017...I recently updated my bebop 2 fpv and sky controller 2. Ever since i updated my video / monitor on my samsung s7 freezes when im flying. yesterday it would freeze the entire flight.I called parrot and did what they suggested, tried to re load the new update using a flash drive, hard reboot of drone, uninstall and reinstall free flight pro on phone. lose bebop on wifi and re enter... tried a test today, video still freezes for about 15 secs on phone, then works for about 5 secs then freezes again . makes flying and filming impossible. anyone having the same problem? any sugestions? I was just getting really comfortable and good flying then this happens?...