Finding the Serial Number and last GPS coordinates

Finding the serial number

Parrot Bebop Drone's serial number is located on the battery bed.



In FreeFlight Pro, tap the drone's network name (BebopDrone-xxxxxx) to open its information page.

> The serial number is listed near the bottom of the page.


The serial number of the last connected drone is displayed on FreeFlight Pro,
On the main page press on the name of the drone.

Firmware version, Lastest GPS coordinates, serial number, number of flights, total flying time are displayed.FreeFlightPro_main-screen.jpg




With FreeFlight 3

The serial number and last GPS coordinates can be found on FreeFlight 3 app :

  1. Select Settings from the main page on FreeFlight 3
  2. Select on "Details on the last connected drone"
  3. Make a capture of the screen with the Serial number of your drone and Skycontroller (if available)





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