Version 4.0.6

Reasons for new version

  • [Fix] Bug in battery level estimator that could affect the autonomy.
  • [Fix] Random bug leading to no display of GPS version in the app.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 4.0.5

Reasons for new version

  • Improved defective barometers detections.

  • Improved controls of motors in the case of saturation.

  • Fix of the control of the drone when the battery gets to a critical level during take off.
  • Bugfixes.

Version 4.0.4

  • Improved compatibility with Parrot Skycontroller 2

  • Improved video streaming quality and performances

  • Bugfixes

Version 3.3.0

EVP (Enhanced Video Processing) is a new firmware update for Parrot Bebop Drones range. The actual video processing has been optimized from the ground up to bring precise improvements to exposure measurements, noise reduction and image compression.
This update also unveils new video settings to easily edit videos and enhance the quality of your shots.

Reasons for new version

·         Setting to set the max angular rate

·         Setting to set the bitrate of the recorded video

·         Setting to deactivate the roll image stabilisation

·         Improvement of the camera auto exposure

·         Improvements on FlightPlan

Version 3.2.0


New feature : Secure Link, WPA available between the bebop and FreeFlight 3

Inew feature : Banked turn (option available on FreeFlight 3) for more sporty turns with the Bebop

Improved Flight Plan capabilities :

- New feature : POI - Point of interest
- New feature : Progressive course between two waypoints by adjusting the rotation

Fixed issues

  • [General] Minor bug fixes 

Version 2.0.57


  • [New Feature] Flight Plan Integration 
  • [GPS] GPS update during firmware update
  • [Piloting] Better Vertical camera management
  • [WiFi] Better WiFi connection management

    Fixed issues


  • [General] Minor bug fixes

Version 2.0.29

Fixed issues

  •  [General] Minor bug fixes

Version 2.0.28

New features

  • [Photo/Video] New jpg 180 photo mode available in the photo/video Settings menu
  • [Photo/Video] Anti-Flickering : Improvement of indoor video quality under artificial light (available in photo/video Settings menu)


  • [General] Return To Home timer is now set to 30s
  • [Wifi] Improvement of video streaming between drone and device
  • [Wifi] Improvement of wifi connection stability 

Fixed issues

  • [General] Free internal memory is now refreshed in the "internal memory" screen
  • [Photo/Video] Horizon is less tilted during flights in the wind
  • [General] Return To Home now sets home to user GPS position when there is no Bebop GPS fix at first take off
  • [General] Many more bug fixes

Version 1.98.10


  •  [General] GPS fix time improvement

Version 1.98.8


  • [General] Stability improvement during flights (including in high altitude)
  • [General] Video recording and quality enhancement (noticeabily less black frames) and video stabilization
  • [General] Enhanced GPS accuracy and Return home function
  • [General] GPS path features improvement in the Academy
  • [General] Too much angle have been removed over 3 meters
  • [General] Display distance + height + speed (available with FreeFlight application 3.2.x or later)
  • [General] Better take off management (altitude, stability, ...)


Fixed issues

  •  [General] Many more bug fixes (crash, file system, wifi stability ...

Version 1.33.0


  • [General] Improvement barometer management. Better flight stability at high altitude

Version 1.32.0

Fixed issues

  • [General] Fixed connection issue after replacing battery 
  • [General] Better management of drone calibration
  • [General] Fixed update issues (sometimes update wasn?t done properly)
  • [General] Crash fixed when resetting settings 
  • [General] Fixed drone cut-out issue