Return To Home (RTH)

Return To Home enables you to tell the Parrot Bebop Drone to fly back to the last take-off position, or  your smartphone/tablet location if the Parrot Bebop Drone is receiving no GPS signal.


When you activate RTH, the software systematically determines which of the following data is available before directing the drone to execute a return flight.


1.  The position of the drone at the moment of take-off, if GPS is connected when RTH is activated.


2.  The position of your controlling device (smartphone/tablet, Skycontroller), if Wi-Fi is connected when RTH is activated.


3.  If there is no GPS connection at take-off, the first available GPS fix after the drone is airborne.


During RTH, the drone will fly at a speed of  24 ft/ 8 m (per sec) and a height of 60 ft/20 m, regardless of the drone's max altitude and speed settings.


*Note: RTH feature cannot be activated if neither your smartphone nor the Parrot Bebop Drone is receiving a GPS signal.


**Note: when in RTH mode, the drone will fly towards its starting point in a straight line; therefore, make sure the flight path is free of obstacles.


***Note: To locate your position, FreeFlight Pro must have access to your device's location service.



To activate location service:


Settings > FreeFlight Pro > Location service.



Settings > Application manager > FreeFlight Pro > Permissions.


For further information, see your device user guide.



Using RTH


*Note: you may take control of the Parrot Bebop Drone during RTH. 


Via smartphone/tablet


1. While your Parrot Bebop Drone is airborne, tap  rth.png  on the control interface page.




2. The drone returns to its last starting (take-off) point in a straight path.


3. On arrival the drone will hover at approximately 6 ft/2 m off the ground while awaiting further instructions.



Via Skycontroller

1. On the Skycontroller, press rth3.png



2. The drone returns and hovers above the last starting point while awaiting further instructions.



Setting RTH Return Delay


If the connection between your smartphone and the Parrot Bebop Drone is lost, by default, the drone will return to its starting point automatically after 60 sec., this is Return Delay.


You can set the time for Return Delay.


To set Return Delay:


1. At the control interface page in FreeFlight Pr, tap   icone_settings.png  to access settings.




2. At the settings page, scroll down the left column to   rth.png 




3. In Return Delay after disconnection, move the slider to reset time.