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Re: CK3100 CD30 not muting

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Check connectors on control box, particularly the 10 pin one. You may need to re-tension the pins to make proper contact.

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Re: CK3100 CD30 not muting

Do you have access to the wiring ? It seems that a cable got disconnected. If everything seems ok we recommend you to contact Parrot customer service with the model of the car, the year, the model of audio system installed and the informations about your phone. Thank you.

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Don't forget to search for related topics and knowledge base before posting a new topic. Please share your setup (smartdevice model + OS version + firmwares versions installed in the Parrot product). You can "Contact Us" to reach customer Service.

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CK3100 CD30 not muting


I have a CK3100 that has stopped muting the radio. My iPhone and the ck31000 are both showing connected, but the will not mute. Any suggestions most welcome.