Flight Plan with Parrot Disco

You can plan your flights using the in-app Flight Plan, available in in-app purchase on FreeFlight Pro.

*Note that you need to create and load your flight plan before taking off.





  1. Create a Flight Plan
  2. Fly with Flight Plan


Create a Flight Plan


1. Make sure your smartphone is connected to Internet and the GPS is on.

2. In FreeFlight Pro, select Flight Plan.



*Note: you can also launch Flight Plan from the main menu by tapping  icone_menu.png.


3. At the PRODUCT CHOICE prompt, select Disco.



 >A a satellite view of your area appears.


 To see the satellite view in 3D, slide two fingers upwards.



 When in 3D mode, the control interface disappears. To display the controls again, slide two fingers downward to return to the satellite view.


*Note: You need an Internet connection to display the satellite view. If you want to fly in an area without Internet connection, create and save your flight plan beforehand.

**Note: Make sure your flight route is located in an area unobstructed by power lines, buildings, residences, and trees.



Plan a route


Place waypoints


Waypoints help you create a precise, autonomous flight plan using Disco’s GPS feature.  

*Note: Before launching Flight Plan, make sure your smart devices are connected to the internet, and turn on GPS.


To place waypoints:


1. Tap on the map to create a waypoint.

> The first waypoint appears. Waypoint bubbles are solid colored when first created.



 2. Tap on the map again to create another waypoint.

> A line connecting the two waypoints appears.



  • The number at the center of the waypoint bubble indicates the drone's altitude in flight.
  • The upper right-hand number indicates the order in which the waypoints were made: #1 is the first waypoint, #2 is the second way point, and so on.
  • The number over the connecting line indicates the distance between two waypoints.
  • S is the starting point, and the circle around the first waypoint means the drone will orbit over the starting point after launch.

3. Continue to make waypoints until you are satisfied with the route. 

To undo last action, tap undo.png



Plan for landing

After you have mapped your flight, you need to tell the Parrot Disco where and how to land.



Linear landing

This is the default landing pattern for the Parrot Disco, where the drone aligns itself with a "runway" and lands like a conventional aircraft.


To set linear landing:


1. Press and hold on the last waypoint until the blue dialog box opens.



 2. Select LINEAR LANDING (default) and the landing funnel graphic appears over the last waypoint.



The landing funnel depicts the amount of distance the Parrot Disco needs to land.  If necessary, zoom out to see the entire flight plan, and move the cone-by dragging the E or L bubbles-to another position on the map. (E = End point, L = Landing point)





Circular landing


During circular landing, the Parrot Disco will circle over the end point and descends in a spiral pattern.


To set circular landing:


1. Press and hold on the E button after selecting linear landing.

> The blue dialog box opens.






> The landing funnel disappears.


3. Drag the E button to relocate the landing site. The circle surrounding the button signifies the landing pattern.


warning.png Circular landing requires an area of about  240 ft./80 m free of any obstacle all around.



Editing Waypoints

After you have created your route, you can go back and change various parameters of each waypoint.



Change altitude

There are two ways to change the altitude of the Parrot Disco in Flight Plan:


Using the vertical slider

1. Tap a waypoint; the bubble turns solid, the blue dialog box opens, and the vertical slider becomes active.



2. Slide the button up or down to adjust the drone’s altitude.

*Note: the maximum altitude is limited to 492 feet.


Using the keypad

1. Press and hold a waypoint until the blue dialogue box opens.

2. Tap EDIT to open the “WAYPOINT” dialogue screen.



3. Enter a new altitude and then tap OK.


Insert a waypoint on a line


1. Press and hold anywhere on a line where you want to insert a waypoint, and the blue dialogue box opens (notice the arrow indicating the point of insertion).



 2. Tap INSERT.

> A new waypoint appears.





Saving a flight plan

To save a new flight plan:


1. Tap   flightplan-icn_save.png  at the upper-right corner.



 2. Tap Save as on the Saved flight plans screen.



3. Use the keypad to enter a name for your flight plan and then tap Save.




Open a saved flight plan

  1. Launch Flight Plan.
  2. Tap   flightplan-icn_save.png
  3. At the Saved flight plans screen, tap the flight plan you want to open.
  4. Tap Open


Delete a flight plan

  1. Tap   flightplan-icn_save.png
  2. At the Saved flight plans screen, tap the flight plan you want to delete, the selected file turns blue.
  3. Tap Delete.  When the dialogue box opens, select OK to confirm, or Cancel to return to the previous screen.


Fly with Flight Plan.

  1. Make sure your Flight Plan is created and loaded.
  2. Switch on the Parrot Disco.
  3. Wait until the light turns green, indicating the GPS location is fixed.
  4. Connect your smartphone to Parrot Disco and launch FreeFlight Pro.
  5. On the main screen, press Flight Plan.
  6. Press Start.
  7. Stand facing the wind and launch the Parrot Disco into the wind.
  8. The Parrot Disco makes its way to the first waypoint and orbits 3 revolutions before starting the route you have defined.