For the best experience, use the combination of your smartphone and Parrot Skycontroller 2 to fly the Parrot Disco. Parrot Disco cannot be flown by using your smartphone alone.



When not flying, disconnect battery to prevent accidental discharge.


Piloting modes




Under auto-assist, Parrot Disco maintains its altitude and heading automatically, so you can enjoy the flying without having to worry about maintaining speed, adjusting control surfaces, etc. 


And in case you let go of the stick momentarily, auto-assist ensures that Parrot Disco stays airborne.




This feature allows you to use an RC remote (not included) to fly the Parrot Disco. However, auto-assisted flying is not available in this mode.


*Note: in order to use a RC controller, you must first install a radio receiver (in Parrot Disco) specific to your controller.



Piloting configurations


There are three piloting configurations:


1.   Flying with Parrot Skycontroller 2 only.

2.   Flying with Parrot Skycontroller 2 and smartphone/tablet.

3.   Flying with Parrot Skycontroller 2, smartphone/tablet, and Parrot Cockpitglasses.

Familiarize yourself with no. 1 and no. 2 before advancing to no. 3.



Piloting screen




Control methods



You can also customize the controls to your preference in FreeFlight Pro.



Flat trim


Flat trim resets the downward sensor to further enhance flight stability. It is recommended that you flat trim the drone prior to each flight and after a crash.


1.   Place Parrot Disco on a flat, dry surface.
2.   Press the On/Off switch to turn on the drone.
3.   On your smartphone, connect to Parrot Disco’s Wi-Fi ® : Disco_xxxxxx.
4.   In the FreeFlight Pro application, go to FLY&FILM > Setting icone_settings.png > Position, then tap FLAT TRIM.



Take off


warning.png  Disco must take off into the wind.


1.   Stand facing upwind and firmly hold the area near the nose/shoulder of the Parrot Disco with one hand.



 2.  Make sure Parrot Disco’s propeller area is completely cleared of any obstacle.


3.  On Parrot Skycontroller 2, press the TAKE OFF button  land.png. The motor runs slowly for 3 seconds before kicking into full power.


*Note: DO NOT LAUNCH until AFTER the motor fully accelerates.

**Note: To stop the motor, press land.png.


4.  A «Ready to take off» pop-up window is displayed on your smartphone. The drone is ready for take off.


5.  Holding the drone to your side, with the arm fully extended, gently toss Parrot Disco straight and upward (without twisting at the waist) into the wind.

Parrot Disco climbs to an altitude of 150 feet (45 meters) and circles over its starting position in a 180-feet-diameter orbit (55 meters).



*Note: If the drone is not airborne within 10 seconds after powering on, the motor shuts off automatically .  Press   land.png again to begin a new take-off sequence.



6.  Once Parrot Disco is in stable orbit, you can take over the controls .



Return home



To recall Parrot Disco to its starting point, press the return button   common_icn_return_home.png on Parrot Skycontroller 2, or tap the Return Home icon   rtnHm.png  in FreeFlight Pro.


When Return Home is activated, Parrot Disco climbs (or descends) to 150 ft/50 m (default altitude) and heads for the starting position. Once there, Parrot Disco orbits overhead in a 180 ft/60 m-diameter circle at the same altitude.








Once spiral/circular landing is initiated, Parrot Disco automatically turns into the wind to reduce landing speed on touchdown.

1.  Make sure you are in an area of at least 240 ft/80 m in diameter to accommodate the spiral pattern.


2.  Push the left control of the Parrot Skycontroller 2 to the left or to the right to set your Parrot Disco to loitering mode. 

3.  On your Parrot Skycontroller 2 press   land.png.
>>Disco descends in a spiral and lands.






To land Parrot Disco in a straight-a-way fashion:


1.   Maneuver the Parrot Disco so it is flying into the wind.
2.   On Parrot Skycontroller 2, press LANDING  land.png.
>>Parrot Disco descends in a straight line, and just prior to touchdown, noses up to reduce speed and lands softly.
*Note : you can still control the Parrot Disco during descent.


To abort landing, press land.png again on Parrot Skycontroller 2. Parrot Disco climbs to loitering/standby height (50 m /150 feet) and begins circling overhead.



Flight Plan


With Flight Plan, you can pre-plan a flight by designating specific routes for Parrot Disco, and just sit back and enjoy the scenery as it soars through the air.


Flight Plan is available as an in-app purchase in FreeFlight Pro.
*Note: You must create your flight plan before taking off.

**Note: Parrot Disco still has to be launched MANUALLY.


Creating a Flight Plan


1.   Tap  lock.png  to enable waypoint editing.

2.   On the map, tap where you want to place your first waypoint.
      > A bubble with two numbers appears. The big number at the center is the altitude at which Parrot Disco will fly, and the smaller number represents the order of the waypoint.

3. Continue to place your waypoints.

4. Once you have drawn your path, press and hold the last point of your journey.
    > A pop-up window appears. Select a landing mode (linear or spiral).


 warning.png Spiral landing requires an area of at least 240 feet (80m) in diameter and free of obstacles.

Your flight plan is created.


Flying with Flight Plan

1.   Make sure your flight plan is created and loaded.

2.   Turn on your Parrot Disco.

3.   Wait until the Parrot Disco’s warning light turns green, indicating the GPS is connected.

4.   Connect your smartphone to the Parrot Disco and start the FreeFlight Pro application.

5.   On the Home screen, press Flight Plan.

6.   Press Start.

7.   Stand facing upwind and launch Parrot Disco.

      > The drone begins the course you set.


For more detail on Flight Plan, go to Flight Plan .