Landing process with Parrot Disco





General guidelines


  • Locate a suitable landing spot prior to take-off.
  • Always make sure you are in an area with at least 240 ft/80 m of clearing on all sides to accommodate landing.


When you are ready to land


1. Maneuver the drone into the wind (against the wind), align it with your intended landing area and start your approach.


2. As the drone descends and gets closer to the landing area, if necessary, pull back on the left stick to reduce speed.


3. When the drone is between 20 to 30 ft.(5-10 m) off the ground, press land.png  on the Skycontroller 2 to begin auto-landing.


*Note: direction control is still available during auto-landing.

**Note: pressing   land.png  again will ABORT auto-landing if the drone is still more than 30 ft/10 m above ground.


4. Parrot Disco reverses thrust to reduce speed, noses up right before touch down and lands.


 ***Note: avoid over-correcting the drone during the final stage of the auto-landing sequence.