Table of error codes for Parrot Disco

The app FreeFlight Pro can display error codes to help you understand what happens with the drone. The table here displays the descriptions and recommended actions if available.


Error #


More details


Flight history default

After landing : Flight history may be wrong.


Motor stalled

Flying : The flight calculator tries to reboot automatically.


Motor security

Flying : The pilot must push gaz more than 95% to force the motor to reboot.

After landing : The error is cancelled at the next take off. Check whether the motor is obstructed.


Hardware default

Flying : The flight calculator tries to reconnect to the ESC automatically.


Motor power stage problem //Problème étage de puissance moteur

Flying : The flight calculator tries to reboot automatically.


Battery tension default

Flying/loitering : The flight calculator resets the battery charge automatically. If the message remains, contact Parrot Customer Service.


Battery balance default

Switching on the drone : Change the battery / contact the retailler or Parrot Customer Service for a diagnostic.


Problem motor phase

Switching on the drone : Check the cables connecting the motor phase, replace the motor if damaged / contact Parrot Customer service if needed.

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