The drone reaches the limits of the Geofence

What happens when the drone reaches the limit of the Geofence?


Geofence is a virtual barrier that restricts the drone from flying out of a designated zone set up by the pilot via the FreeFlight Pro app.


When the Parrot Disco reaches the limit of the Geofence, Return-to-Home is triggered and the drone automatically navigates back to the starting point. Once there, the Parrot Disco initiates stand-by loitering mode and begins circling overhead.

It is then possible to retake control of the drone and continue flying within the fixed Geofence limits.  

3 settings are available for the Geofence :

  • Maximum distance : from 200m to 2 km, the drone can't go beyond that distance and goes back on Return To Home mode.
  • Maximum altitude : from 50 to 150 m, the drone won't go above that altitude.
  • Minimum altitude : from 5 to 50m, the drone won't go under that altitude.

Once the drone has reached the altitude limit defined by the Geofence it will:

  • Won't go over the defined maximum altitude limit
  • Not fly under the lowest altitude limit that has been set

In this particular case, the Return to Home option is not engaged.


To activate GEOFENCE:


1.  Open FreeFlight Pro and go to FLY & FILM >Setting icone_settings.png > Position.






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