In this section, we will help you to diagnose and solve certain recurring problems so that you can have an even more enjoyable flying experience.


Loss of connection


  • Loss of connection between the Parrot Skycontroller 2 and Parrot Disco will cause the drone to abandon its original heading and immediately starts circling in a 180-feet-diameter (55 meters) orbit for a specified time period (10 seconds by default).  *Note: this time can be set by the user.


  • If connection is not restored within (by default) 10 seconds, Disco will return to its starting position and orbit overhead in 180-feet-diameter (55 meters) circles.


  • If connection is not restored after 5 minutes, Parrot Disco will initiate auto-spiral landing over its starting position.


Status light indications


Parrot Disco





Parrot Skycontroller 2




Video streaming


If you see grey lines on your smartphone or tablet while streaming:


Check the Wi-Fi connection on your smartphone or tablet. Reset antiflickering in RECORDING SETTINGS.


Spare parts


You can buy spare parts for Parrot Disco at our online store: