The Parrot Disco can be used in either photo mode or video mode.



At the piloting screen, tap the video icon  roadplan_icon_video.png  to access video/photo settings.



The video/photo settings page opens.




At the video/photo settings page, you can choose to record video in 24, 25, or 30 FPS (frames-per-second) formats, in addition to choosing the streaming speed between 30 and 20 Mbps (megabytes-per-second).



Video recording starts automatically when you press the Take off button.

The RECORD icon icone_rec.png  flashes while recording video.

To stop recording, press the B.png button on the controller.  To record a new video, press B.png again.


Use your finger to move the red dial at the bottom of the screen to change exposure. Or use the scroll wheel R1 on your Parrot Skycontroller 2.


*Note: You cannot shoot videos and photos simultaneously




Parrot Disco offers 3 picture formats:


  • DNG (RAW) - This mode takes a raw fish-eye photo with a 180° FOV at a 4096×3072 pixels resolution in a DNG format. DNG is compatible with professional grade editing software such as Photoshop or Lightroom.


  • JPEG - JPEG mode takes a screen shot of the video stream at a 1920×1080 pixels resolution. The image quality is slightly degraded because video image stabilization tends to remove sharpness and accentuate edges. In this mode, you can quickly take pictures (shutter delay is very short) that are not distorted and with a light file size.


  • JPEG 180 - lets you take a fish eye shot with a 180° FOV. This mode offers small editing possibilities.



The default picture format is DNG.


Use your finger to move the red dial at the bottom of the screen to change exposure.


Taking photos


On your Parrot Skycontroller 2, press the  A.png button to take a photo.

The internal memory of the Parrot Disco has a capacity of 32 GB.  The maximum number of stored photos depends on the format selected.

For best photo quality, we recommend leaving the photo setting in DNG mode.



Optimize video and photo qualities


Change exposure

Use the FRONT-RIGHT ROTARY DIAL on Parrot Skycontroller 2 to change the brightness of the scene.




Change camera angle

Use the FRONT-LEFT ROCKER SWITCH on Parrot Skycontroller 2 to change the camera angle.



Other settings that could help you further fine-tune the qualities of your photos and videos.





antiflkr.pngANTIFLICKERING. Choose Select Auto, 50Hz, or 60 Hz to reduces the flickering effect often seen in videos shot indoors under florescent lighting. Select Auto to adapt the frequency of the country selected on the Network settings screen.


Select one of the following to adjust the white balance to best suit your environment. 


 product_0901_icn_auto.png     Automatic



product_0901_icn_sunny.png    Daylight






 bulb3.png      White fluorescent light



 bulb2.png      Tungsten bulb



Retrieve photos and videos

Photos and videos taken with Parrot Disco are saved in its internal memory. To download these pictures, do the following:


To a computer


1.   Use the supplied USB cable to connect the Parrot Disco to a computer.



 2.   Turn on Parrot Disco.


3.   Look for Parrot_Disco on your computer.


4.   Double click on Parrot_Disco


5.   Go to Disco > Media, the list of picture files opens.


6.   Transfer the files to your computer.


To a smartphone


1.   Press the On/Off button to turn on Parrot Disco.


2.   Open FreeFlight Pro and make sure the Parrot Disco is connected to the smartphone.


3.   At FreeFlight Pro's main page, tap the camera icon  common_icn_photo.png  to open the "Drone memory" page and select the file you want to transfer or delete, then tap TRANSFER or DELETE.



 4.   Once you tap TRANSFER, the process begins automatically . To cancel, tap "Cancel" on the top-right corner.




5.   Once transfer is complete, at the prompt, choose to keep the photos or delete them, then tap  icone_back.png  at the "Drone memory" page to go back to the main FreeFlight Pro page.