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Version 1.4.1 Reasons for new versions: Feature: Geofence limits are now applied to Flight Plan: drone does not launch the Flight Plan and notifies FreeFlight Pro if a waypoint is out of bounds. Feature: Initiates an RTH in the case of Wi-Fi disconnection in Flight Plan depending on setting value (set in FreeFlight Pro). Improvement of waypoints validation in Flight Plan. Home coordinates are now updated as long as the drone has not taken off. Minor bug fixes. Version 1.3.0 Reasons for new versions: RC Calibration (1st step of the upcoming feature) Come back at 50m altitude after return to home procedure Initiate an RTH in case of wifi disconnection during landing phase Version 1.2.1 Improvement of landing procedure (linear and circular) Shortening delay of taking off from 3 s to 1 s. Version 1.1.1 Reasons for new versions: Geo-fence default max distance set to 2km instead of 500m Home position set to last take-off position instead of GPS fix position Take-off is forbidden in manual RC mode if no GPS fix Version 1.1.0 Reasons for new versions: New video recording settings available with FreeFlight Pro 4.1.11. Recording 1080p and FPV streaming in 480p (by default). Recording in 720p and FPV streaming in 720p. Pitot calibration(available on FreeFlight 4.1 and superior) Beta Ardupilot support Remove the loiter radius setting (FreeFlight 4.1 and superior) Minor bug fixes Version 1.0.5 This software is mandatory to update Disco products from 1.0.3 and before => 1.1.X Fix rare GPS loss issues Fix PUD issue after 30mn of flight Minor bug fixes
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