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Re: phone not recognizing SC2

Figured it out.


Turns out google phones seem to default to not allow tethering.


Go to setting ->network and internet -> USB tethering 

Enable USB tethering and voila

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phone not recognizing SC2

Hey all;


Just got a BeBop2 and FPV pack. I can use the Bebop2 with my phone and that all works fine (although range isn't great). 


Now I tried pairing the SC2 to it all. And I can't get anything to connect to the sky controller 2.

Phone doesn't recognize it when attached by usb but will charge off the SC2 (there's no little controller symbol that pops up). SC2 also doesn't connect to the drone directly.

I'm curious if anyone has seen this happen as I can't find any other topics like this.

My phone is a Nexus 5x