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App Enhancement Suggestions

I am using the iOS version of the app.


1. From the My Garden tab, could you please make it so when I tap and hold a plant, I have an option to rearrange the order in which they appear, in addition to the option for deleting the plant? This was the expected behavior for an iOS device, I was surprised that moving the plants around wasn't an option.


2. From the Flower Power tab, if I just have one plant associated with a device, it shows something like, "Flower power C170, Monitoring: Tomatoes, Last sync: 42 minutes ago." If I add additional plants, it shows, ""Flower power F47C, Monitoring: 3 plants, Last sync: 42 minutes ago." This makes it very difficult to determine which device is which, because I don't remember which one is C170 and which one is F47C, for example. It would be wonderful if I could individually name each device, itself, for my own identification purposes, and just show the device ID as part of the information displayed below it, such as, "Greenhouse, Flower power: F47C, Monitoring: 3 plants, Last sync: 42 minutes ago."


So far, I'm really enjoying being able to monitor my plants!


Update (added 5/25/2016):


After using the app a bit, I have a few more suggestions to add to my wish list for future enhancements...


I'd love to be able to make a note about what fertilizer I added, each time I add fertilizer, and have this data available in a list, such as when you tap the fertlizer icon and see the little i link for info, perhaps there could be a history icon as well. I'm imagining something where the user could set up their own list of fertilizers that they use, and each time you tap "Done" to indicate you've satisfied the plant's request for fertlizer, the app would also allow you to record a log event, with a date picker (set to "today" initially, for convenience) so you could enter previous fertilizers if needed, and a simple selection check box or radio button for which fertilizer was used (pre-defined in Settings, so users can just add the ones they use, instead of going through a cumbersome list). The settings for this list should include a Name (such as Miracle Gro Blue), Description (where the user might enter dilution ratios, fertilizer nutrient content/ratios, or any other notes as desired), and possibly an ability to specify the actual N-P-K amounts per fertilizer for reference. This way, when you slide your finger across the graph, you could see popup detail showing you which fertilizer you used, and when, and you would also be able to access a quick list of this information from the same button as where you would tap the i for Info. Hope that makes sense, if you're interested and would like a diagram, I'd be happy to provide one (and might mock one up anyway, just for personal use).


I would love to be able to diagram my garden beds, so I know which plant is being tracked by which Flower Power device, since I may have some currently growing watermelons in the big garden, but might be growing some new ones in the greenhouse to be planted in one of the other gardens on my farm. In this situation, I could go directly to the diagram, tap the plant I'm interested in, and check on it, specifically.


Plant Info Screen Enhancement:


Cultivation Info with date pickers for each item, for example:

Seeded: 5/23/16

Germination: 6/1/16

Planted: 5/24/16

Flowering: 6/26/16

Fruiting: 7/3/16



General plant data enhancement:

An area to keep a notebook/log of notes for each plant.