Re: Keeps dropping out of the sky

Did you figure this out? I’m having a nearly identical issue


Re: Keeps dropping out of the sky

Hi all,

My parrot hydrofoil drone also keeps falling out off the sky out off the blue. I have resetted my drone like you suggested but it didn't work. I also can't unselect the cut out button. The app won't allow me. Any more tips? It's starting to get really annoying cause now i am afraid to fly and break the drone.



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Re: Keeps dropping out of the sky

To reset the Hydrofoil, press the power button during 10 seconds. The leds will show that the Minidrone is rebooting. The Cut Out button can be selected or greyed if disabled. If the app don't let you disable the cut out function, make sure you selected the drone mode instead of Hydrofoil mode and reinstall the app if required. Thank you.

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Re: Keeps dropping out of the sky

I was having the same issue, however now the drone wont even lift off the grown and only stays on for a max of 2 seconds before it cuts out. 

When I go to the settings it wont let me select the "none" feature next to the cut out setting. 

Is there a way to completely reset the parrot hydrofoil?

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Re: Keeps dropping out of the sky

Hi William,
You can go into the settings to disable the "Cut out" feature. That will prevent to cut out while flying.
Make sure that the drone don't hit any obstacle and that the propellers are ok before taking off.

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Keeps dropping out of the sky

Used to work fine.  Now keeps dropping out of the sky at random times for no reason.  Why?