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Dear all

        I cannot update software from 2.0.31 to 2.1.7. When I update from FreeFlight3, It's just popup me "update failed".

I'm try to update with my computer follow step in this web, Then, It's still 2.0.31 not 2.1.7. What can I do more for update.

Have Anyone can help me please?





Re: Update Required

Parrot has change the drone in a while.

Nice T.S.S.

Thank you very much, Parrot.


Re: Update Required


Same problem with parrot hydrofoil drone, 2.0.31 to 2.1.7.

Restoring a lot of times and nothing.


What else can I do?

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Re: Update Required

Hi @matclair,

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Here is seems the best option is to press on/OFF button for 10 seconds in order to reboot it. If there is still trouble connecting, please use "Contact Us" widget available on this page.

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Re: Update Required

same for me, update required. 

I did the usb transfer. 

Now drone is stuck with right light on (orange color). Unplug from computer, no change, it doesn't change or do anything. Cannot connect to app Freeflight.

How to do?


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Re: Update Required

Copied from their software update section on the right of the screen...

Software Update Process
To find the version number installed on your MiniDrone, use the FreeFlight3 application. Press Free Ride, then The version number is given in the general information.


Two methods are available for updating your MiniDrone:

With the FreeFlight 3 application
  1. Launch the FreeFlight3 application.
  2. If necessary, connect your smartphone to Internet. Then press Check for updates.
    > The opposite pop-up appears
  3. Press OK.
    > The application downloads the new version.
    > If necessary, reestablish the Bluetooth connection to your MiniDrone.
    The installation of the new version starts automatically.
  4. A pop-up asks you to reboot your MiniDrone. Press OK.
With a USB cable
  1. Install the battery in the MiniDrone and wait until the lights turn green.
  2. Connect the MiniDrone to your computer using a USB/micro-USB cable.
    > Wait until the left-hand light is a steady green.
  3. Download the update file available in the box above this procedure. Do not rename the downloaded file.
  4. Drag and drop the update file into the MiniDrone as though it were a USB Flash drive. The update file must be placed at the root of the MiniDrone and not in a folder.
    > The lights flash while the update file is being transferred. 
    > Once the transfer is complete the right-hand light remains orange.
  5. Safely remove and disconnect the MiniDrone from your computer.
    > The update is installed. The lights alternately flash orange with increasing rapidity. Do not remove the battery from the MiniDrone while the update installation is in progress.
  6. Wait until the lights turn green.
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Update Required

Got this as a gift, set it up, ready to fly, but it reads on my phone"Update Required", went to the site, and have no idea what to do next.  Please help.