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Control your Parrot drones using a bluetooth controller!

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Discover a new way to pilot your drones using bluetooth wireless controllers for Android and iOS!

Bluetooth controllers are compatible with the Freeflight 3 app on iPhone and Android so you can use them instead of the touch screen of your smartphone to control your drones!

Any controller respecting the MFI standard will be compatible with the FreeFlight 3 app on iOS and any controller respecting the HID standard will be compatible with the FreeFlight 3 app on Android.


In order to use a controller, activate Bluetooth on your device (Settings > Bluetooth > Activate)

Turn your controller on, it should start flashing while waiting to be paired with your device.

On your smartphone, in the Bluetooth settings, the controller should appear, click on it to pair it to your device.

Once your controller is paired, open the FreeFlight 3 app and connect your drone noramally, you can now pilot your drone using the controller!

Controls layout

Here are the default controls layouts:

Bebop Drone 1 & 2 


English madcatz bebop

Jumping Drones

English Mapping mad catz jumping

Airborne Drones

English Mapping mad catz airborne

Warning: When navigating through menus using the bottom left cross, pressing the “A” button will activate the selected icon on the screen.

Types of controllers

Here are few examples of controllers compatible with FreeFlight 3:

Mad Catz C.T.R.L 

ctrlr R

Buy Mad Catz C.T.R.L R for Android 

ctrl i

Buy Mad Catz C.T.R.L i for Iphone 

Ipega PG-9025


Buy Ipega PG-9025 for Android /Iphone

Ipega PG-9023

ipega 9023

Buy Ipega PG-9023 for Android / Iphone


This F.A.Q  has been made by “soron666” from the Parrot forum, big thanks to him!

What happens when the controller disconnect or runs out of battery?
Freeflight will automatically switch back to on-screen tactile controls. 

Are on-screen tactile buttons still active when using a controller? 
Yes, except for the virtual joypads. 

Is there interferences between bluetooth and 2.4 or 5Ghz wifi ?

Does the controller reduce the wifi signal strengh? 

Is there some drifting with the analogic sticks of the controller? 
No, plus you can re-calibrate the stick on some model of controllers. 

Is there latency issues with the controller? 
The latency is very small, the sticks are very reactive.

Isn’t the weight of the controller + device too heavy?
No, the whole setup remains pretty lightweight. 

Is there a sun shade for the smartphone?
No, but it is possible to find some online. 

Are the analogic sticks well calibrated in Free Flight 3?

Can I use the controller with an iOS or Android tablet? 

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