Is there a way to install the MiniDrone propellers ?

Yes. The propellers must be installed as described on the diagram below.

Where is the MiniDrone serial number located?

The serial number is located in the battery compartment.


serial number


How can I identify the Firmware version of my MiniDrone?

  1. Launch the FreeFlight3 application.
  2. Press Start, then .
  3. Slide the screen to the left. The firmware version is displayed on the Information screen.

I cannot connect my MiniDrone to my smartphone.

    • To use the MiniDrone you must have a smartphone or a tablet that supports Bluetooth® 4.0.


    • Activate the airplane mode on your smartphone or tablet and then activate Bluetooth only.


  • Press the On/Off button for 10 seconds in order to reset the MiniDrone.
Where is the on/off button of the MiniDrone located?
The on/off button is located under the MiniDrone, to the right of the camera.