Version 2.1.7

Fixed issues

- New management of motor cut out
- Do not shutdown if mass storage is mounted on Host, needed for Apple
Version 2.1.3

Fixed issues

[Media] Bad behavior of the drone after a taking of picture
[Media] Sometimes the pictures taken are not saved
Version 2.1.1


- [Interface] The Battery Level in the piloting screen is now updated after unplugging of the USB Cable without leaving the screen
- While the battery level is greater than 0%, It is now possible to take off the drone 
- [Navigation] Mini Drone is now more stable when it is positioned at a height of 5 meters or more
- Impossible to take pictures after renaming the RS storage


- [Security] Motors security, The motors are stopped immediately after the software crash
- [navigation] in hydrofoil mode, Limit the minimum of the rotation speed to improve the rotation to right 
Version 2.0.31

Take Off improvement
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