FreeFlight Jumping

FreeFlight Mini replaces FreeFlight 3 for Mambo, Swing, Airborne Cargo, Night, Hydrofoil, and Rolling Spider.


For Jumping drones, download FreeFlight Jumping.

For Airborne, Hydrofoil and Rolling Spider MiniDrones, download FreeFlight Mini for iOS and Android devices.


The following applies to all Jumping MiniDrones: Night, Race, Sumo.



Main Screen




1.  Press   14Menu.png  for access to information such as check for updates, internal memory, and settings.




2.  Tap START to open piloting screen.

3.  Register /sign-in for Drone Academy / Parrot Cloud.

4.  Tap to access stored photos in drone's internal storage.
5Tap to speak through your drone via your smartphone.

6.  Tap to access Road Plan, where you can create routes for the drone.



Piloting Screen


IMG_0791.PNGsetting.png - Settings.


 back.png - Back to previous screen.


stop.png - Stop current action.


acrobat.png - Preprogrammed acrobatics.  See Video Tutorials for detail.


mic.png - Talk through your drone (voice transmission).


video.png - Start/Stop video recording.


foto.png - Take photos with the drone's vertical camera.  photos are saved in the drone's memory.


jumpHi.png - High jump.


jumplong.png - Long jump.


flpTail.png - MiniDrone pisition.  Tap to flip the tail over from one side to another.


Lturn.png - 90 deg. Left Turn.


Rturn.png- 90 deg. Right Turn.


turn180.png - 180 deg. turn.


light.png - Headlights.


cureseur-vertical.png - Speed control.  Slide upward to accelerate, downward to decelerate.





Tap setting.png to access SETTINGS.




Tap See details to access information such as product serial number, Wi-Fi status, and software/hardware versions.


Media Settings




Adjust volume of the drone's speaker and turn AUTORECORD on/off.


Piloting Settings




Max rotation sets the maximum rotation speed of the Jumping MiniDrone.  A low value means you need to tilt your smartphone more to turn the drone left or right. A high value means only a slight tilt is needed.


Speed Settings


Max speed sets the maximum speed of the Jumping MiniDrone.


Speed neutral zone sets the vertical slider sensitivity.  A low value means you only need to move the slider slightly to move the drone forward or backward; a high value means you need to move the slider more to drive the drone.





Charge settings records the last charge type, the current capacity, and the remaining time until the next charge.  






Product name

This is your MiniDrone's network designation; to change it, click the field and enter a new name. Reboot the drone when you're finished.

*Note: The network name can only contain letters, numbers and underscores ("_"), and must not exceed 32 characters in length.


Select country

Select your country/region from the drop-down list.


Wi-Fi Channel

Connect the Bebop 2 to either the 2.4 or 5 GHz Wi-Fi bands.


  • 2.4 GHz lets you control the drone from a greater distance. It is generally more congested than the 5 GHz band in urban areas.
  • 5 GHz gives you a better quality connection between the MiniDrone and your smartphone for video streaming. Check your smartphone user guide to see whether it supports 5 GHz. If not, use 2.4 GHz instead.

**Note: The diagram at the bottom of the screen shows the state of the Wi-Fi channels. Red curves represent congested channels. Green curves represent less congested channels. Channels without curves are free.






The information page displays the current firmware versions of FreeFlight Jumping and the MIniDrone, as well as the drone's hardware version.  GPS connection status is also shown here.