Re: Jumping sumo disconnects with BT controller

In my case, the smartphone application just moves a little and then loses access.

While WIFI is connected, the app will keep trying to connect.

When I reconnect WIFI and restart APP, APP will still try to connect.

Updated the latest version of firmware with PC. But, the same problem continues to occur. The connection state lasts 5 to 10 seconds.

Is heating on the main board a problem?
What's the cause?
Less than three days ago.

Is this normal?

Please reply.


Bad english sorry.

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Re: Jumping sumo disconnects with BT controller


I'm new here and I've just bought from parrot a jumping race Tuk-Tuk model.

I have the same problem of Jammib88: I bought a BT controller ipega 9025 and as soon as I start to move my jumping race by the BT controller through the app FreeFlightJumping, the drone stops and disconnects.

Then in order to make it reconnet with the smartphone by wi fi, I have to switch off and on the drone several times by the power botton and restart the app in order to control it like usual by the virtual pad of FreeFlight.

Any ways to fix this problem?

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Re: Jumping sumo disconnects with BT controller

Hi Jammib88,
Sorry for the late reply.
have you tested your remote with your smartphone to be sure it works correctly ? There is several modes with the remote, maybe you should restart the settings of the remote. Has any other member encountered that kind of issue ?

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Jumping sumo disconnects with BT controller

Hi I have a Jumping race max, I use my Galaxy S7 and a MadCatz C.T.R.L. But when I connect to my drone and use the controller to move it around it will disconnect with every little movement it makes. If i dont use the controller it works perfect.