Re: Smoking Hot TukTUk

Update : Thanks Jeremie.


I was contacted by your colleague and I am honestly amazed with the professionalism with which you guys reverted back and solved this for me.


Much appreciated not just the replacement but also with the way you managed this. My son just opened the box and i am sure he is already looking forward to the flying ones now. 


Cheers and thanks again.

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Re: Smoking Hot TukTUk

Hello @Yatr

We are sorry to hear about the issue you're facing with your TukTuk.

Could you please reach our customer support team in Australia at http://global.parrot.com/au/support/hotline

with some informations such as :

_the version number of the firmware

_the charger you use

_the date you bought it.


Then could you please send us is private message the 6 digits case number.

Thank you very much

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Smoking Hot TukTUk

Just purchased a Tuk Tuk in Australia and put it for charging for the first time. Smoke started to come out and it will not turn on after that. Messed up cheap build quality. Frustrating part is that it did not work even once. 

How does the International warranty work for this