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Re: Sounds stopped on jumping race

I have this problem as well but it shows solved here but I cannot see the solution. How was this solved?


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Re: Sounds stopped on jumping race

if u take off the plastic parts on the jumping race , u will see the speaker on the bottom . what i did to fix this was put a thin screw driver into the speaker until u here the sound it normally makes , this is easy cause the speaker is magnetized and smetimes u only here sound when u put the thin screw driver in a specific place like mine was in the top left of the circle from the speaker . i put a small screw in it so the point of the screw will touch the part of the speaker that makes sound . idk if this will work for others 

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Re: Sounds stopped on jumping race

If you have checked "media Settings" page on the settings of FreeFlight 3 maybe your jumping got a defect. In that case we recommend you to reach your local Technical Support.

Jumping evo_settings_MediaSettings.png

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Re: Sounds stopped on jumping race

have same problem today, sounds tatally stopped, anybody had issued this before?

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Sounds stopped on jumping race

Has anyone else had trouble with the sounds stopping working on the jumping race? Any help would be greatly appreciate X