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Re: Minikit will not connect


This is most strange.

Clear the memory on your Minikit+, hold down both the Red and Green buttons together until you hear “memory erasing in progress, please wait”.

Once cleared, you will hear “please pair device”.

Now, can you fully charge the Minikit+ and then reset the unit to see if this resolves your observations.

• Press simultaneously the jog wheel and the Reset button located at the back of the Minikit+.
• Release the Reset button.
• You can now release the jog wheel.

Now, can you reset your iPhone to see if this resolves your observations, to reset hold down both the ON/OFF and HOME buttons and wait until you see the picture of the White Apple logo on the screen. You can then let go and the phone will reboot, this will take approximately 60 seconds.

On the phone carry out a Bluetooth search, select the Minikit+ and enter the PIN 0000 to pair.
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Minikit will not connect

My Minikit will not connect to my Iphone 4s
I have paired it successfully & update the soft ware to V 1.25
It used to automatically connect, then it stopped doing that & I had to manually connect it now I can't even do that.
Thanks in advance