FreeFlight Mini replaces FreeFlight 3 for Mambo, Swing, Airborne Cargo, Night, Hydrofoil, and Rolling Spider.


For Jumping drones, download FreeFlight Jumping.

For Airborne, Hydrofoil and Rolling Spider MiniDrones, download FreeFlight Mini for iOS and Android devices.




Main Screen




1.  Side menu bar - Press   14Menu.png  for Drone school, to buy a drone or check for updates.




2.  Update - Tap to update the drone's firmware.

3.  My flights - See your flight history and register for Academy / Parrot Cloud.

4.  Connect to a drone - Press  dwn.jpg  to open the drop-down list, select your drone to connect.
5.  Connect to Parrot Flypad - Tap to access to Flypad controls layout.

6.  Start - Tap to open piloting screen.



Piloting Screen







 common_icn_noflip2.png  - Tap to make Parrot Mambo perform aerial tricks through a set of pre-programmed acrobatics. See Acrobatics for more detail.


common_icn_photo.png - Tap  to take a photo with Parrot Mambo's vertical camera. The photo is saved in the drone's memory.  See Taking Photos for more detail.


Press common_icn_takeoff.png to get Mambo airborne, the drone will hover at 3 ft./ 1 m. above the ground while awaiting instructions.


gun.jpg  - Tap to operate the cannon.


See Installing Accessories for more detail on both cannon and grabber


claw.jpg - Tap to operate the grabber.


To land the Parrot Mambo, Tap  common_icn_landing.png .


Tap  icone_settings.png to open PILOTING SETTINGS.



 Piloting Settings





This is the default control mode, where you use the smart device to fly the drone. Mambo's altitude, climb speed, and the pitch angle are at their default values in Joypad mode, which makes this mode more suitable for the novice pilot.



Test your piloting skills in Ace mode by adjusting Parrot Mambo's altitude, climb speed, and the pitch angle to make your flying more challenging.  We recommend that you dial these down in the beginning until you become more familiar with the responsiveness of the drone.



Normal relies on the control device orientation for movement: tilt your smartphone left to make the drone turn left, tilt your smartphone right to make the drone turn right, etc.



Select this option to take photos with your smartphone's camera. By default Parrot Mambo is set to take photos with its own camera.



Position, Distance, and Limits






Flat trim

Tap  FLAT TRIM before take-off or after a crash to ensure flight stability. 


Max altitude

Limits how high the drone can fly.


Max inclination

Sets the pitch angle of the drone in forward flight; the greater the pitch angle, the faster the drone flies.


Max vertical speed

Limits how fast the drone can ascend and descend.


Max rotational speed

Limits how fast the drone can turn on its own axis.


Banked turn

Enables the drone to turn (banking) like a fixed-wing aircraft.