Using your smartphone


At the joypad page, Tap common_icn_photo.png  to take a photo with Parrot Mambo's vertical camera. The photo is saved in the drone's memory.



Using Parrot Flypad


When flying the Parrot Mambo with the Parrot Flypad, press R1 button once to take a photo.


Parrot Mambo's large memory capacity allows you to save several hundred photos. Once the memory is full, you cannot take more photos until you clear up some storage space.



Transfer/Delete Photos


To delete or transfer photos to your smartphone:

1.   In the FreeFlight Mini's main page, tap the camera icon pics.jpg  to open the memory page (the number in the red dot indicates how many photos are currently stored.)

2.   Drone memory page opens to a list of saved photos.


3.   Select the photos and tap TRANSFER to move them to your smartphone, or tap DELETE to delete them from Parrot Mambo's memory.


You can also transfer or delete the photos via computer. To do so, use the USB/micro-USB cable provided to connect the Parrot Mambo to your computer. Make sure Parrot Mambo's battery is charged and in place before connecting.