Using the Parrot Mambo with a smartphone

Connecting the Parrot Mambo to the smartphone


1.   Insert the drone's battery or press the On/Off button (the drone powers on automatically if the battery is charged).


2.   Wait until the booting sequence completes and the LED “eyes” turn green. 


3.   On your smartphone, turn on the Bluetooth® function and open the FreeFlight Mini app. The application automatically connects the smartphone to the drone.


If the app fails to connect to the drone, tap  dwn.jpg  on FreeFlight Mini's main page, then select Mambo_xxxxxx from the drop-down list.



Taking off


1.   Place the Parrot Mambo on a flat and dry surface.


2.   Launch FreeFlight Mini and press START  start.png.


3.   Select the configuration (with or without hulls).


4.   At the JOYSTICK page, press  common_icn_takeoff.png. The Parrot Mambo takes off and hovers at 3 ft./ 1 m. above the ground while awaiting instructions.





To land the Parrot Mambo, Tap common_icn_landing.png.




At FreeFlight Mini's main page, press START  start.png


JOYSTICK mode is the default flying mode.




For detail on flying with the Parrot Flypad, refer to Using a Parrot Mambo with a Parrot Flypad.