Re: Probably a stupid question, but ...

Thanks, so in fact the official user manual is incorrect ? :rolleyes:
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Re: Probably a stupid question, but ...

Hi Les,

I have just tested this, with Magic Words activated or deactivated the Minikit NEO still switches to deep sleep mode when a phone disconnected.

Probably a stupid question, but ...

I'm a totally new user but after reading the user manual I came across the comment under power saving "When the magic words for outgoing calls are activated, the Parrot MINIKIT, Neo does not switch to sleep mode. The battery life is thus reduced."

My first thought was "why?" surely there's no reason for it not to go into sleep mode if there's no phone connected, unless it's a technical one.
If there's no phone what's the point of having a Neo that responds to a voice command for an outgoing call if it's impossible for it to make that call?

Or is it me who's just being dumb (probably!) :/