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Re: my remote wont change the display

Hi Paul,
We recommend you to check the cable connecting the screen. Can be the screen connector behind or the cable from the blue box. If you don't find the source of the issue we recommend you to reach Parrot Customer Service or a Certified Installer.

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Don't forget to search for related topics and knowledge base before posting a new topic. Please share your setup (smartdevice model + OS version + firmwares versions installed in the Parrot product). You can "Contact Us" to reach customer Service.

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my remote wont change the display



My remote jog wheel wont change the display on the parrot screen, when I turn my car ignition on and the equalizer dissapears I can briefly use the remote to navigate for about 10 second then it does not work anymore and I am unable to see the screen changing, but I still can turn the jog wheel to get to each setting but only through audio.


Its clearly a display problem but cant work out whats up