Before you start

Downloading the application

Before you can start flying, you must download the FreeFlight Pro app. Login to the App Store ® or Google Play TM and download the free FreeFlight Pro application to your smartphone or tablet.



Charging the battery

For more detailed information on charging, go to Before you start


Parrot Skycontroller 2


Follow the steps below to charge Parrot Skycontroller 2.


1.   Connect one end of the charging cable (supplied) to Parrot Skycontroller 2's charging port.


2.   Connect the other end of the charging cable to the charger, then plug the charger into a wall outlet.

 > The charging light turns red. Charging time: 1 hour 40 minutes for 4 hours of use.


3.  Charging light (on the charger) turns green when the controller is fully charged.



Connecting Parrot Disco to the Parrot Skycontroller 2

Follow these steps to connect the drone to the controller.




Connecting a smartphone to Parrot Disco / Parrot Bebop & Parrot Skycontoller 2


1.   Use a USB cable to connect your smartphone to Parrot Skycontroller 2.





2.   Turn on Parrot Skycontroller 2, wait for it to connect to your phone.


3.   Turn on Parrot Disco or Parrot Bebop, wait for it to connect to your phone. Parrot Skycontroller 2's status light will turn green when connection is established.


Your screen should look like this when both are connected :




*Note: When FreeFlight Pro starts, the FPV mode is activated by default, to go back to FreeFlightPro's main page, tap icone_back.png.



Calibrating the Drone and the Parrot Skycontroller 2

Before you take Parrot Disco / Parrot Bebop to the air, you must orient its position in 3D space (the same for Parrot Skycontroller 2).  Follow these steps to calibrate both.


Parrot Drone

In FreeFlight Pro, go to FLY&FILM > Settings icone_settings.png  > Position > Calibrate.

> Follow the on-screen instructions to calibrate the drone.


Parrot Skycontroller 2

In FreeFlight Pro, go to FLY&FILM > Settings icone_settings.png > Controller > Calibrate.

> Follow the on-screen directions to calibrate the controller.





Parrot Skycontoller 2


1.   Connect your smartphone to the Parrot Skycontroller 2 with the supplied micro-USB cable, and turn on the controller.


2.   At the FreeFlightPro main page, go to FLY&FILM.


3.   In the cockpit view window, tap Settings icone_settings.png


4.   On the FIRST PERSON VIEW page, scroll down and tap the Controller icon, then tap CHECK FOR UPDATES.