Taking videos and photos with a Skycontroller 2

Taking photos


On your Parrot Skycontroller 2, press  A.png  to take a photo.

Make sure the drone you are flying has enough internal memory to store the photos. The maximum storage capacity depends on the file format selected.

*Note: For good quality photos, set the format to DNG in FreeFlight Pro.

**Note: Parrot Skycontroller 2 ships with default button-mapping. You can reconfigure button functions to your preferences.





Recording starts automatically when you press Take-off   land.png.

The RECORD icon  icone_rec.png  flashes while video is being recorded.

To stop recording, press  B.png.

To record a new video, press B.png  again.

*Note: You cannot film videos and take photos simultaneously.



Change exposure

Use the FRONT-RIGHT ROTARY DIAL to change the brightness of the scene.




Change camera angle

Use the FRONT-LEFT ROCKER SWITCH to change the camera angle.